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17 Jul 2021

Report on SAMARTHANA 2 2021

Report on SAMARTHANA-2 2021
On 17 July 2021

No. of student participants- 35
No. of faculty participants- 20
Resource person- Ar. Raunak Sudhakar
Coordinated by Ar. Rajesh Malik & Ar. Sanjeev Koppar, Asstt. Professor, RUSOA

School of Architecture, REVA University organized SAMARTHANA -2, an online interactive meet with the Alumni students of 2015 and 2016 batches on 17.07.21, in continuation of SAMARTHANA-1 held on 09.01.21.

It was an opportunity for the Alumni students to learn about the latest developments at R.U.S.O.A, including the latest students’ achievements and awards won, faculty achievements, new additions to the faculty, recent publications from the faculty members and research funded projects in pipeline. Some of these papers and research projects involve students as well. 

Students were also appraised about R.U.S.O. A’s community outreach initiative, Abhivrudhi and the forthcoming events at R.U.S.O.A including REVA RACHANA coinciding with Deepawali festivities, wherein Alumni would also be involved. Students were also informed about the consultancy cell being set up at R.U.S.O.A, where they would have an opportunity to be associated with upcoming projects along with their ex-faculty. 

Students of the recently passed out 2016 batch also got a chance to know their seniors better. Some of them shared their experiences of running a private practice.

On the whole, it was a very interactive session where both faculty and the students got to know each other much better.  

Report on SAMARTHANA 2 2021