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13 Sep 2021

Report on Site Visit to Hennur

Report on Site Visit to Hennur
(Next to police station and huge Ganesha statue)

Dates:13th September 2021

Faculty accompanied: Ar. Pooja Chandrashekar Ugrani, Ar. Kumresh and Ar. Baishali Pradhan

Students: 34 Students, V A and B Semester, School of Architecture

School of Architecture, REVA University has organized a site visit study to Hennur-next to police station and huge Ganesha statue for their academic design project of V semester. The proposal given to students is to design a Coliving and Co- working Spaces on the given site as a major project. 
The site is accessible from the AH43 and there is a service road near by the AH43 which is directly leads to the site. The site is flat and has excavated 8 – 10 M below from the ground level. The area of the site is about 2.8 Acre and it has surrounded with residences. 

The students conducted a vicinity study, conducted interviews with local residents, photo documented the site, sketched site sections and details, to understand the context of the site better.

Report on Site Visit to Hennur