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19 Apr 2022

REVA Esports Premier League 2022

We thank our honorable Chancellor, Dr. P. SHYAMA RAJU for extending his helpful and moral support in the launching the REVARENA Esports Club and conduction of the Valorant event 2022.

We thank our trustee Shri Umesh Raju for guiding and supporting in the conduction of the Valorant event 2022.

We thank our honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. Dhanamjaya for gracing the inaugural ceremony of launch of REVARENA and conduction of Valorant event 2022.

REVARENA was a major initiative taken by School of Legal Studies and Department of Physical Education and Sports. In which students of REVA University registered the event.

The event had a total of 40 players divided in 8 teams and the matches were played in league stages.

REVARENA Valorant Event 2022 had 8 teams:

1. REVA Deadlock

2. REVA Not Smurfs

3. REVA Sona

4. REVA Arcane

5. REVA Detox

6. REVA Crew of Honoured

7. REVA Yeagerists

8. REVA Team Amaterasu

Team Logos

The event was graced by our honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. Dhanamjaya.

We thank him for his presence and addressing the launch of REVARENA Esports Club.

List of Teams and Players

Team REVA Crew of Honoured

1. Likhith R (IGL)

2. Anirudh S

3. Nithin Reddy VVishwas T

4. Abhishek Yadav

5. Prateek B. S

Team REVA Arcane

1. Aftab Ahamed G (IGL)

2. Anirudha .P

3. Chiranjeevi V


5. Siddesh

Team REVA Amaterasu

1. Sankalp Kulkarni (IGL)

2. Karthik S

3. Akshay Anil

4. Abhishek C

5. Harshith G

Team REVA Not Smurfs

1. Damodar (IGL)

2. Udyath

3. Kalyan

4. Abhay

5. Rahul

Team REVA Detox

1. Valleri Koushik (IGL)

2. Neeraj Singh

3. Hriday Boro

4. Ankit Singh

5. Ashish Kumar

Team Reva Yeagerists

1. Rounak Saha (IGL)

2. Shrinaag R

3. Rakshith Sudan

4. Sudanwa

5. Abhijeet

Team REVA Deadlock

1. Joshua

2. Surahmanya

3. Tiyasha

4. Akshay

5. Sarash

Team REVA Sona

1. Chandan Singh

2. Joseph Daison

3. Syed Mansoor

4. Rajesh

5. Cyril Emmanuel

6. Abid Siddiqui

Fixtures of the event

REVARENA: The trend of Esports gets an interesting makeover at REVA University

20th April 2022, Bengaluru: REVA University touched a new milestone by launching its very own Esports Club – REVARENA. Not to be confused with the mundane online gaming, Esports requires a unique set of skills and proficiency for competitive gameplay.

The vision encapsulated in the establishment of the REVARENA club is to encourage and discover the world of competitive gaming and its interplay with sports. The club will act as the bustling hub of gaming, networking with professionals and collaborating with developers to cherish the mutually shared passion for technology and esports. The club would additionally focus on developing and training young talent with the leading professionals in the industry.

The grandeur of the club’s launch was graced by Shri. Umesh Raju, Hon’ble Trustee, REVA University, in the presence of Dr M. Dhanamjaya, Vice-Chancellor, Dr Beena, Controller of Examinations, and Dr Bharathi S, Director, School of Legal Studies. The launch saw the first intra-university competition with 8 teams from REVA battling in the game of Valorant. Team Crew of Honoured trumped all the clashes and was declared champions of the first REVARENA tournament.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Umesh Raju, Hon’ble Trustee said that “The very idea of an Esports club at the university is exciting. Esports has evolved into a sport in its own right, and it has even paved the path for Asian games. Even the govt of India is promoting Esports and setting up related infrastructure. It is a world full of opportunities and fierce competition. We would want our students to experience this realm.”

Elaborating on the Esports club, he said that the ever-growing interest in Esports from the students and REVA’s digital inclination led us to the incubation of REVARENA.

At the launch, Dr M. Dhanamjaya took to the stage and addressed the gathering. He praised the students and the team for coming up with the idea of an Esports club, highlighting the need in today’s time for students to not shy away from sharing such bold and revolutionary ideas. He further opined, "Esports is steadily gaining legitimacy in India, and I'm confident that REVARENA will continue to grow. The world is ruled by technology, which necessitates our ingenuity and creativity. I'm sure this will be a hit."

The onset of REVARENA and welcoming of the Esports trend in students signifies REVA University’s zeal for adapting and contributing to the many wonders technology and sports has to offer to the upcoming generations. With more elaborate and innovative initiatives lined up by the Club, REVARENA is certain of achieving a successful future in the field of Esports.

Hearty congratulations to the champions of the REVA Valorant Season 1.

  • Winners - Team Crew of Honoured
  • Runners up - Team Sona

The sportsmanship and dedication that we witnessed was truly inspirational and the hard work has paid off. Most importantly, there was a lot of fun and team spirit involved!