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16 Feb 2024

Seminar on Professional Launchpad

Program Objective: This session mainly intended for the HR specialized students to know about the job requirements and skill enhancements courses

Program Details:
On the 16th of February 2024, a guest talk was held to delve into the Professional Launchpad. The talk aimed to provide insights into the Self Discovery, Education and Skill Development, Networking, CV preparation and Personal branding, Professional behaviour,Adoptability and resilience.

Date of the Programme: 16th February, 2024
Timings of the Programme: 1:30 am to 3:30 pm
Place of the Programme: CK Prahalad Seminar Hall
Resource Person: Ms. Harshitha Shetty, Talent Acquisition Manager, HSBC, Dubai.
Program Co-ordinator: Number of Participants: B.Com (Faculty: 2 & Students: 68 )

Seminar on Professional Launchpad