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17 Oct 2023

Standard Costing: From Theory to Practical Implementation

Program Objective: To provide learning exposure for students on standard costing for practical Implementation

Program Details: On 17.10.2023 Tuesday at 12.00pm, the session started in CK Prahalad Seminar Hall , There were 96 participants UG Students and faculties who attended the session. The welcome address was given by Prof. Suma S. Then the session was handed over to the Resource Person, The resource person started the session by sharing his experience in working in Bhutan, and later resource person started by explaining standard costing and explained the Analysis of variance with a newly framed simple formula which made simple for students to learn the formulas and it application easily, continued by explain Classification of variance analysis based on controllable and uncontrollable and stated with practical sums which made students to again practical experience through solving sums.

Then the session was concluded by giving a formal vote of thanks by Prof. Nimith Sharma.The session was insightful and informative to the Students and Faculties attended.

Date of the Programme: 17th October 2023
Timings of the Programme: 12:00 Pm to 1.00 Pm
Place of the Programme: C K Prahalad Seminar Hall
Resource Person: Dr. P.RAMAKRISHNAN M.Com., M.Phil, UGC-NET., B.Ed., MBA., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Accounting and Taxation Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan.
Program Co-ordinator:
Number of Participants: B.Com (Faculty: 2 , Students: 96)

Standard Costing: From Theory to Practical Implementation