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25 Jan 2022

Webinar Report on Introduction to Cheminformatics Tools

Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University, Bangalore, organized “Virtual webinar entitled "Introduction to Cheminformatics Tools-SAS, SAAS, SSBI” on January 25th 2022 from 09:00 AM to 10.00 AM as a part of the knowledge sharing program for the benefit of students.

Resource person:
Prof. Prashantha C N
Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology
School of Applied Sciences
REVA University
Mobile: 9844158444
Website: Bioinformatics@REVA (
Personal Website: PrashanthLab | REVA University (

Dr. Nagendra G
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry, SoAS,
REVA University, Bangalore.

Prashantha C N, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, School of Applied Science. He also an Entrepreneur and established new ventures in 6 Oct, 2008, known as Scientific Bio-Minds- A Bioinformatics research, training and consultancy service organization. The company is successfully running with more than 500 clients in all over India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. He has trained more than 6000 students all over India and abroad with various bioinformatics programs such as NGS data analysis, Microarray data analysis, Drug Discovery, Biostatical analysis, and Bio programming techniques.

He is expert in the field of Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, insilico drug discovery, biostatistics, and bio programming such as C, C++, Perl, Python, JAVA, ORACLE, RUBY and Swift.

He also establishes a private limited company based on biotechnology in 28th march, 2017 name Clovergen Life Science Pvt Ltd and is incubated in University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad. The Incubation facility is provided from the KBITS, Government of Karnataka with the common instrumentation facility in the year 2017. Currently the company is targeting the agricultural genomic services within India.

He is a cofounder to the company “DNA research and Diagnostics Laboratory” a molecular genomic company providing molecular diagnostics services targeting different genetic disease.

He also providing research assistance to many research scholars from various institutes and universities scholars and have published more than 80 publications. Currently, he is providing research assistant to 24 research scholars.

He is the consultant to IITs (Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Chennai, and Kanpur), GKVK, ICRISAT- Hyderabad, IICT, CCMB, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, and NCBS.

He has invited as a resource person to various institutes in India with more than 150 colleges in India. He got honorary with Priyanka kharge, Minister to KBITS, Government of Karnataka in 2016 as Emerging entrepreneur in the year 2016.

He also provides academic and corporate training to many academic students and professional employees. He is offering certificate, short term and diploma courses in collaboration with REVA University and Scientific Bio-Minds.

Highlights of the talk

  • Introduction to Cheminformatics Tools.
  • Computer representation of chemical structures
  • Connection tables and linear notations, smile notation, atomic connectivity values
  • Structure activity similarity, Software as a service and Self service business intelligence soft wares and their utilization and application
  • On hand demonstration of RS studio.
  • SAAS for drug delivery
  • Docking and mind the bite soft ware applications

The lecture was attended by all PG students, research scholars and faculty of chemistry REVA University and other places. A total of 80 participants attended the live webinar and the feedback given by the participants was appreciated.

We would like to thank, organizers and faculty of chemistry department. We also thank Assistant Director, Department Chemistry, Deputy Director, and management for constant support and encouragement towards academic activities of the school.


Dr. Nagendra G, Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemistry, SoAs
REVA University, Bangalore.

Webinar Report on Introduction to Cheminformatics Tools