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21 Jun 2021

World Music Day

The School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies, REVA University aimed at creating new platforms in unprecedented times for artistes who had been deprived of all their conventional forums. The School wanted to create a feeling of solidarity amongst the music fraternity by ensuring that students had alternate avenues to explore and showcase their skills! Ultimately World Music Day, 2021 was a testament to the resilience of the artistic community that prevails against all odds.

This year, we at the School of Performing Arts & Indic Studies, celebrated World Music Day in a grand way with a multi-faceted extravaganza. There was a nationwide music contest called REVA Idol open to all singers 16 years and above. There were also compliments and shout-out videos from eminent artistes like

There is a webinar by well-known sound engineer Sri Kiran Shankar who has worked as a sound engineer on several movies and runs a successful studio of his own. We also have a concert titled Sangeeta Sandhya by Puttur T Nikshith, and Y G Srilatha distinguished classical musicians Srikant The day will end with an unfolding of the winners of REVA Idol, 2021.

World Music Day