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Instruments Details


Biochemistry Analyser

Snibe MAGLUMI 800 is an fully automated chemiluminescence analyser with 9 different reagents on board and can run upto 40 samples per run .it is used for the analysis of hormones vitamins and antibodies


Paraffin Embedding Bath

This paraffin embedding bath is basically used in histopathology laboratory. This bath facilitates collection of molten wax for embedding purpose


ELISA washer

Automated Lisa microplate Washer is a fully self-contained system, configurable for both 96 well microplates.



Automated Microplate ELISA reader, the Lisa Scan EM is an 8- channel microwell plate reader for qualitative / semi quanititative (mixture of both ) determination of wide range of analytes in body fluids


Senior Rotary Microtome

The Senior rotary microtome is the most common instrument found in a histology laboratory. Microtome is an instrument with the help of which sections of tissues are cut and the process of cutting thin sections is known as Microtomy.


Hot plate

Laboratory hot plates are used to heat samples in cytological, histological and pathological studies, and to dry slides


Magnus Trinocular Microscope

The magnus trinocular microscope allows the user to not only take pictures, but also record videos, which can be saved for future references.


Ultra low temperature freezer (-80)

The Ultra Freezer is one of the main tools used in research laboratories. The ULT freezer safeguards biological samples by keeping them at very low temperatures. It is also used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, and chemicals.


Urine analyser model : Laura

Urine analyser model LAURA is an effective solution for objective standard and high-grade measurement of urine samples. The reader is a semi- quantitative semi-automated with high speed and capacity of work for the routine operation in laboratories of the clinical chemistry.


Rescholar slide cabinet

This compact cabinet organizes and stores microscope slides. The small footprint of the cabinet means it can be placed on the benchtop, making the slides simply accessible and close to the point of use.


Infra red lamp

Infrared radiation physiotherapy is an innovative therapy that is used to manage acute or chronic pain in patients.


Wheel chair

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels for people who are not able to walk because of illness, injury, or disability.


Digital interferential therapy equipment

Interferential therapy equipment is the most common type of electrical muscle stimulation used to treat chronic pain resulting from surgery, injury or trauma. The end goal for using ICT as part of a physical therapy or rehab program is to relieve pain and help patients heal faster.


Brio combination therapy

Brio Combination therapy: on pain and tissue repair in less time.


Cold pack

Cold packs are a frozen gel substance used by physical therapists to treat areas of pain and inflammation.


X -ray viewer

X-ray wall-mounted viewer or illuminator; used to visualize developed X-ray films.


Auto blood pressure monitor

Auto blood pressure blood pressure monitoring allows blood pressure (BP) readings to be recorded.


Three-fold Treatment Table

Three fold Treatment table for Ultrasound scanning.

  • Hydro collator (moist therapy unit )
  • Automatic Tissue Processor

Automatic tissue processor is a device that prepares tissue samples for sectioning and microscopic examination in the diagnostic laboratory. It contains Programmable 12 stage timing sequence, Silent & smooth motor and gear operation, Stainless Steel tissue baskets and cassettes, Standard over temperature cut off safety feature, two thermostatically controlled wax baths from 10 to 80 °C, With or without safety device and Delay action of up to 24 hours.