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REVA Business School (RBS)

REVA Business School is established with a long term vision to educate and empower the next generation managers and leaders

REVA Business School is established with a long term vision to educate and empower the next generation managers and leaders to build sustainable businesses which will not only enable them in achieving operational excellence but also explore new business models. The B-School aims at consciously putting an effort in re-structuring and re-designing the curriculum that would emphasise more on new teaching – learning pedagogies which will provide a holistic education by integrating the knowledge received from various courses and specializations. The B-school focuses on providing Global exposure to students by preparing them for Global leadership roles. Management Education provided by REVA Business School will aim at creating sense of responsibility and accountability amongst students and also imbibing in them social, moral and ethical values which is crucial for any learner.

REVA Business School would try to meet the expectations of all stakeholders by customizing courses and involving industry experts in the process of teaching and learning. The focus of REVA Business School would be identifying new ways of mobilizing talent that would educate and prepare diverse group of individuals with strong knowledge of new emerging management domains, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and strong management skills needed to provide leadership to organizations. Management Education in the recent past has gone through an unprecedented transformation, with new emerging trends in education REVA Business School aims to remove the gap that exists between industry and academia and creating flexible, talented, practically trained and skilled managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are needed to manage complexities of corporate world. REVA B-School prepares students to work in areas such as manufacturing, IT, Financial services, Hospitality, Government sector, Entertainment, Sports, Media and so on.


Creating and nurturing transformational leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large

Our Mission

  • To carry out the academic processes in accordance with global standards through innovative practices and Industry participation
  • To promote research, innovation and Entrepreneurship in collaboration with industry, research institutes and academic institutions of global repute.
  • To inculcate high moral, ethical and professional values amongst our students and staff
  • To contribute in building skillful and passion driven strong Society

Dean's Message

Dr Shubha A

Professor & Dean REVA Business School

REVA Business School Dean's Message

In this disruptive digital economy, high quality management education is essential and this should enable students to gain knowledge, exposure, skills and develop confidence that is essential for a leader to take initiative and responsibility.

I am sure the students pursuing their MBA at REVA Business School will enjoy teaching – learning environment, Infrastructure resources, talented and experienced faculty involvement and guidance. We will strive to give our best to you and ensure that we mold you as better individuals who will support in nation building. I wish all students pleasant stay at REVA and wish all success for your future ahead.