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School of Civil Engineering

Research Grants from inception of school (year wise)

Sl.No. Name of PI / Co-PI Title of the project Funding Agency Amount granted
(in lakhs)
Year of Sanction
Duration of Project Status
1 Dr. S Harinath and Ms. Shwetha M Assessment of the hydrological status of traditional water harvesting system in ramnagar district using geospatial technologies (GIS,GPS and Remote sensing) KSCST 0.04 27-04-19 6 months  Completed
2 Dr. P Shivananda and Mr. Vishwanath Mali Experimental study on manufacturing of thermally insulated geopolymer concrete using waste such as flash and guys to minimising the global warming potential KSCST 0.04 27-04-19 6 months  Completed
3 Ms. Pavithra MP and Ms. Ashwini k utilization of natural red earth,bentonite,zeolite and bottom ash as liner material for removal of pollutant for landfill leachate KSCST 0.05 22-04-20 6 months  Completed
4 Mr. Shivaprasad H and Rakshith B Lakshman water defluoridation with cost adsorbants KSCST 0.05 22-04-20 6 months  Completed
5 Prof. Pavithra M P and Mr. Arun G S LOW COST AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM USING SOIL MOISTURE SENSORS KSCST 0.04 24-04-21 6 months  Completed
6 Prof. Nandini D N,Dr. Y Ramalinga Reddy and Mr. Vidya Sagar J Cost Optimization of Flexible Pavement for Conventional and Stabalized Subgrade Using BIO Enzyme and Htposludge KSCST 0.045 24-04-21 6 months  Completed
7  Mrs. SINDHOORA C Experimental Studies on Developing Light Weight, Sound Absorbing, Thermal Resisting Mycelium Bricks for its Micro-Structural and Mechanical Properties KSCST 0.07 24-04-22 6 months  Completed