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School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Publications from inception of school (year wise)

Sl.No. Name(s) of Author Title of paper Name of Journal/proceedings Year Volume/Issue Page number ISSN number Impact Factor
1 Bansi L. Bairwa Investigation on lithium ion battery equivalent circuit
models for dynamic load profiles
Energy Storage,Wiley 2021 3/2 1-15 NA NA
2 K Jyotheeswara Reddy Performance evaluation of fuel cell fed electric
vehicle system with reconfigured quadratic boost
Elsevier, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2021 2021 46/11 8167-8178 03603199 5.816
3 Santoshkumar Hampannavar Wind speed potential assessment of selected
Climatic zones of ethiopia
RT&A 2021 16/1 336-343 NA NA
4 Rajashekar P Mandi Effect of partial shading in grid connected solar PV system with FL
International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System (IJPEDS) 2021 12/1 431-440 2088-8694 0.322
5 RiteshDash Classification of crop based on macronutrients and weather data using machine
learning techniques
Elsevier ,Results in Engineering 2021 9 1-8 25901230
6 Ananda M. H Particle swarm optimization tuned unified power flow
controller for power oscillation reduction
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2021 23/2 633-638 2502-4760
7 Ritesh Dash Novel Gaussian flower pollination algorithm with IoT for unit price
prediction in peer-to-peer energy trading market
Elsevier ,Energy Reports 2021 7/1 8265-8276 23524847 6.87
8 Himabindu N Analysis of microgrid integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Powered Electric
Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) under different solar irradiation
conditions in India: A way towards sustainable development and
Elsevier ,Energy Reports 2021 7/1 8534-8547 23524847 6.87
9 Divya B V IOT Enabled Power Monitoring and Control of
Single Phase Induction Motor
2021 International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics (ESCI)
AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India. Mar 5-7, 2021
2021 NA 670-673 978-1-7281-8519-4 NA
10 Ritesh Dash Line to Ground fault analysis of DFIG and
STATCOM using Simulated Annealing optimization Part-I
2021 International Conference on Innovative Practices in Technology and Management (ICIPTM) 2021 NA 94-98 978-1-6654-2530-8 NA
11 Dr. VenkateshMurthy.B.S A Co-Processor FPGA based - Numerical Relay –
Reconfigurable Method
2021 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (CONIT)
Karnataka, India. June 25-27, 2021
2021 NA 1-6 978-1-7281-8582-8 NA
12 Vivekanandan Subburaj Performance Enhancement of PI-Controller Using SVM for DFIG-Grid Interconnected System 2021 2nd International Conference for Emerging Technology (INCET), Belagavi, India 2021 NA 1-6 978-1-7281-7028-2 NA
13 Jyotheeswara Reddy K A Universal Converter For Different Power Conversion Operations and High Power Applications 2021 IEEE 12th Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition - Asia (ECCE-Asia), Singapore, Singapore 2021 NA 1666-1671 2150-6086 NA
14 Bansilal Bairwa Modeling and Simulation for Capacity Fade
Prediction of Lithium-Ion Battery
Lviv, Ukraine, July 6 - 8
2021 NA 537-541 978-1-6654-3299-3 NA
15 Himabindu N Wind Speed Assessment and Techno-Economic
Analysis of a Community Microgrid in Warm and
Humid Climate Zone of India
Lviv, Ukraine, July 6 - 8
2021 NA 531-536 978-1-6654-3299-3 NA
16 Divya B V Smart Garbage Collection Autonomous Vehicle 2021 4th International Conference on Recent Developments in Control,Automation & Power Engineering (RDCAPE), Noida, India 2021 NA 615-618 978-1-6654-1429-6 NA