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Sports Scholarship

Being the forerunner in launching initiatives that fuel University’s growth, REVA University has a history of sporting success and is passionate about supporting promising athletes during their time at REVA.


Apart from extending up to 100% waiver on fee and providing free accommodation with food, and other benefits, the programme also focuses on:

  • A flexible curriculum with adjustable study plans made to assist athletes in accessing study materials online while they focus on their sports.
  • The Special supplementary examination for athletes who may not be able to attend the exams due to their sporting commitments, is another such addition which keeps the focus on the athlete’s requirements.

REVA is one of the few Universities which has incorporated holistic wellness into its sports curriculum. This focuses on the mental and emotional health of the athletes:

  • Counselling on stress & mental health management
  • Career guidance
  • Active yoga & recovery sessions
  • Rehabilitation sessions
  • Additionally, there are services for nutrition, injury prevention, physiology workshops, and physiotherapy which are made available.

By guiding athletes on what else they can do apart from competitive sports, we assist them in shaping what they want to accomplish in the future. This is a unique addition implemented recently as many athletes don’t know what lies ahead.


Following are the details of the scholarship provided on the basis of Performance in Sports:

Organized under the aegis International Sports Competitions approved by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports/ SAI/ IOA/ FISU/ National Federation of Concerned Games approved by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports/ Association of Indian Universities/ School Games Federation of India
Category Performance Criteria / Requirement
'A+' Level
a) Full Programme fee waiver
b) Free food
  • International Participation
  • Senior National (First Three Positions)
  • SGFI National (First Three Positions)
  • Khelo India University Games (First Three Positions)
  • MU (First Three Positions)
  • Junior National (First Three Positions)
  (Applicable to only those sports that are included in Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth & World University Games)
'A' Level
a) Scholarship on Programme Up to 80% fee waiver based on eligibility in Trial scheme
b) Free food
  • Zonal Inter University Games (First Three Positions)
  • All India Inter University (Participation)
  • Sr./ Jr. National /SGFI (Participation)
  • Khelo India University Games (Participation)
'B' Level
a) Scholarship on Programme Up to 75% fee waive off based on eligibility in Trial scheme
  • Zonal Inter University Games
  • Senior State (First Three Positions)
  • Junior State (First Three Positions)
  • State School Games. Organised by State Government (First Three Positions)
'C' Level
a) Scholarship on Programme Up to 65% fee waive off based on eligibility in Trial scheme.
  • Senior State/ Junior State/School State participation
  • Senior district (First Three Positions)
  • Junior District (First Three Positions)
  • District School Games, Organized by State Government (First Three Positions)

Benefits, facilities and services extended from university:

  • Scholarship up to 100% fee waiver
  • Free accommodation & food
  • 10 programmes to choose from
  • Flexible curriculum with adjustable study plans
  • Special supplementary examination for sports students
  • Excellent training facilities
  • Medical services like physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Active yoga and recovery sessions
  • Nutrition, injury prevention and physiology workshops
  • Strength and conditioning sessions
  • Medical Insurance
  • Partnerships with reputed sporting academies
  • Cash prizes to winners
  • Sponsorship to elite athletes

Sporting Verticals

To be eligible for a sports scholarship, one must be competing in one of the following sporting verticals.

Sr.No Sports Categories Sr.No Sports Categories
1 Aquatics (Swimming, Diving) Men,Women 16 Kabaddi (National Style) Men,Women
2 Archery Men,Women 17 Karate Men,Women
3 Athletics Men,Women 18 Kho Kho Men,Women
4 Badminton Men,Women 19 Roller Sports Men,Women
5 Basketball Men, Women 20 Rowing Men,Women
6 Boxing Men,Women 21 Softball Men,Women
7 Chess Men,Women 22 Shooting Men,Women
8 Cricket Men,Women 23 Squash Men,Women
9 Cycling Men,Women 24 Table Tennis Men,Women
10 Fencing Men,Women 25 Tennis Men,Women
11 Football Men,Women 26 Taekwondo Men,Women
12 Golf Men,Women 27 Volleyball Men,Women
13 Handball Men,Women 28 Wrestling Free Style Men,Women
14 Hockey Men,Women 29 Wrestling Greco Roman Men,Women
15 Judo Men,Women 30 Weight Lifting Men,Women


  • REVA University will conduct Trial Based Scholarships, through which scholarships will be awarded. 
  • Applicant has to apply for the same separately. Details can be referred from 'Guidelines for REVA University Trial Based Scholarship Scheme' as mentioned below.
  • For the award of above-mentioned sports scholarship, age of the candidate must be less than 25 years.
  • Sports or Games wise seats may be allocated; hence sports scholarship will be awarded subject to availability of seats in the particular Sport or Game in which student has applied for.
  • Scholarship/ Financial Aid under different categories may not be offered in all the programmes of the university. 
  • The scholarship award is reviewed on an annual basis. Students must fulfil the required attendance conditions and performance in their respective sporting verticals in order to continue to benefit from the scheme within the duration of their studies.
  • Complimentary Sports Facility to be awarded to outstanding sports persons with the recommendation of Director of Physical Education upon selection into the REVA University official sports team.


List of Programmes applicable for Sport Scholarship

Sl.No. Programme Name Eligibility Base
1 Bachelor of Arts After 10+2 (12th)
2 Bachelor Business Administration After 10+2 (12th)
3 Bachelor of Commerce  After 10+2 (12th)
4 Bachelor of Science  After 10+2 (12th)
5 B.Tech. After 10+2 (12th)
6 M.A. After Graduation
7 MBA. After Graduation
8 M.Sc. After Graduation
9 MCA After Graduation
10 BCA After 10+2 (12th)

Schedule of Trials

Guidelines for REVA University Trial Based Scholarship Scheme


In order to extend an opportunity to applicants who could not derive the benefit of sports scholarship scheme of University, REVA University launches Trial Based Scholarship Scheme. This is an effort to find talent for the University team and provide financial support to students qualifying the Trial.

How to Apply

Candidates can apply for REVA University Trial Based Scholarship by filling up the Application Form”. Once the candidate has taken admission, the option to apply for REVA University Trial Based Scholarship will appear in his/ her login portal.

Schedule of Trial 2022-23

  Last Date to Apply Date of Trial Display of Result
For UG Schedule 1 30th April 2023 4th, 5th and 6th of May 2023 15th of May 2023
For PG Schedule 2 15th June 2023 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2023 3rd july 2023

Structure of Trials

The trial will be evaluated on the basis of information given in your applications, and the following aspects:

  • Fitness Test: Speed, Strength, Endurance
  • Technical Knowledge and Performance in the Game: Involves technical and tactical knowledge and skills of game
  • Previous Experience/ Achievements: Previous achievements at the National/ State/ AIU/ District Level etc.


Result will be calculated on the basis of performance in Trials. This will be displayed on the University website.


  • Schedule/ Date(s) of test may be changed by the University, as and if required.
  • Applicants will be allowed to appear for REVA University Trial Based Scholarship only once.
  • Scholarships on the basis of REVA University Trial Based Scholarship may not be offered in all the programmes of the university. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions.


Policy for continuation of scholarship on the basis of performance in sports for subsequent years

Sports scholarship will be continued for subsequent years, subject to fulfilment of the following criteria/conditions:

  • Sports activity attendance requirement-70%
  • Achievement of medal at State/ Inter university/ National/ International level events calendared by IOA/SAI/Federation/Council/Board/AIU
  • Participation (as and when required) in the functions conducted by Department of Sports
  • Clearance or Maintenance of fitness test score -
    • Once a year (last week of March)
    • Pattern of test will be as per PET
    • Minimum 50% score required
  • The student must be a member of the University team - ‘A+’/ ‘A’/ ‘B’/ ‘C’


  • All points will be calculated on the basis of annual performance up to 31 May of every year.
  • The condition to continue will be applicable to subsequent one academic year.
  • All the terms and conditions applicable for scholarship students will be applicable for these students also.
  • Honouring incentives of the medallist will be given to them, irrespective of their scholarship.
  • Duly filled scholarship documentations and certificates will be verified by the Department of Sports and submitted to the record cell for further processing and record keeping.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for REVA University – Sports Scholarship and its different phases

  • Scholarship/ Financial Aid and different phases of Fee/ Scholarship are applicable for Indian applicants only
  • Grant of Scholarship/ Financial Aid in different phases is subject to prevalence of scheme at the time of receipt of application and is further subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the University.
  • Percentage in the qualifying examination represents percentage of aggregate marks. In case of programmes after 10th and 12th, calculation of aggregate marks will be done considering best five subjects (with highest marks) in the qualifying examination. However, in case the concerned board declares student pass with less than five subjects in 10th/12th, calculation of aggregate marks will be done considering the number of subjects (with highest marks) specified by the respective Board only.

    Important: In all situations, the marks obtained in subject(s) prescribed under the respective eligibility criteria of REVA University for the concerned programme will be taken into account for calculation of aggregate marks. Thus, in such conditions, eligibility criteria of REVA University will prevail over concerned board or equivalent body. This clause is applicable for calculating eligibility as well as scholarship. If candidate is not able to satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned above, then marks of all the subjects mentioned in Score Card of qualifying exam may be considered for calculating aggregate marks for eligibility only but not for offering scholarship. For details, refer the head ‘Eligibility’ under ‘General Guidelines for Admissions etc.’
  • Applicants, who have scored 10 CGPA in 10th or 10+2 (12th) class of any board, will be considered for scholarship equivalent to that of Bracket-I scholarship (on the basis of eligibility qualification).
  • Scholarship/ Financial Aid will be offered at the time of Admission only.  It may be offered on different basis like Scholarship on the basis of Sports. Applicant can claim the Scholarship/ Financial Aid on any one basis and the claim must be made at the time of filing Application for Admissions or before the date prescribed by the University subject to the last date of Admission with Scholarship/ Financial Aid for the concerned Programme. In case applicant has opted Scholarship/ Financial Aid of one type (i.e., on one basis) or has not opted for it, then any change in the Scholarship so claimed will not be allowed at later stage.
  • Scholarship/ Financial Aid will be awarded to the candidate only after the verification of original documents. In case candidate is not able to provide the documents within the stipulated time as prescribed by the university, subject to maximum of 6 months from the last date of admission, then scholarship/ financial aid will not be awarded or may be cancelled, if already awarded.
  • In case, an applicant is eligible for Scholarship/ Financial Aid as well as for any other monetary benefit under any other scheme or policy of REVA University, then the applicant will have to opt for only one scheme of his/her choice.
  • In addition to REVA University Scholarship / Financial Aid, if a candidate gets scholarship from a Government / NGO / any other organization, then REVA University Scholarship / Financial Aid will be restricted to amount obtained by subtracting outer agency Scholarship (from a Government/ NGO/ any other organization) from total applicable fees. Total applicable fee will be excluding any scholarship amount offered by university.
  • A candidate being admitted under Post Matric Scholarship or any other Govt. Scholarship for full programme fee waiver can either avail scholarship offered by the Govt. agency or Scholarship/ Financial Aid offered by the University.
  • Candidates who are not eligible to participate in AIU (Association of Indian Universities) events because of age or other requirements may not be considered for Scholarship on the basis of Sports.
  • Candidates availing the scholarship on the basis of performance in Sports shall make himself/ herself available for such practices tournaments etc. as and when required by the University and he/ she shall not represent any institute/ association/ club etc. other than REVA University without obtaining prior approval from the University.
  • For Scholarship on the basis of performance in Sports, the candidate must be in “A+”, “A”, or “B” level of the University (wherever applicable).
  • Only those candidates will be eligible for Scholarship on the basis of performance in Sports in subsequent terms/ years, who will continue to take part in concerned activities of the University and their conduct, progress and achievement in concerned activities of sports/cultural/co-curricular/ social service is found satisfactory. The candidate will be assessed at the end of each academic year and the recipient will need to reapply for the scholarship as per the dates specified by the University. In case the performance of the candidate is not up to the mark, then University may terminate the Scholarship granted to the candidate.
  • For Scholarship on the basis of Performance in Sports applicant will be required to submit Certificates as detailed in ‘Scholarship Application Form for Sports, (available in Admissions Office and/or on university website). Scholarship may be awarded only after the verification of certificates and documents by the University. University may recommend any scholarship holder in the category of Sports to undergo trials at the commencement of academic term based on which scholarship may be withdrawn due to medical or skill failure or any other issue.
  • Scholarship on the basis of performance in Sports will only be awarded in case of competition held as per guidelines duly approved by Central / State Government or as approved by REVA University from time to time. The list of activities to be considered for Scholarship on the basis of Sports has been separately enlisted by the University.
  • Sports or Games wise seats may be fixed, so sports scholarship will be awarded subject to availability of seats in the particular Sport or Game in which student has applied for.
  • Benefit of Fee/ Scholarship/ Financial Aid is for the normal duration of the programme. However, if candidate takes more than normal duration to pass the programme, he/she will not be entitled for these benefits for duration in excess of normal duration.
  •  In addition to other terms and conditions as prescribed from time to time, only those candidates will be eligible for Scholarship/ Financial Aid in subsequent terms/ years:
    • Against whom No Disciplinary action has been initiated or taken during their stay at REVA University.
    • Who has never been charged for Academic Misconduct or Use of Unfair Means in REVA University
  • In case of any matter not covered here and for interpretation of any content of this prospectus, the decision of the competent authority of the University shall be final and binding on all concerned