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Rupera Jalay Rajeshbhai

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Rupera Jalay Rajeshbhai

About Me

The love of technology has always encouraged me to learn new things. I have experience in some of the deep learning applications, such as data classification, detection and generation. I have knowledge with almost all the concepts I have taught. The idea of computer is learning from the data given to it by itself is mind blowing and that is one of the reasons why I chose computer science as my field of engineering. Besides technology, I 'm playing PC and Mobile games, and I'm doing a little bit of photography.

Technical Skills

  • Computer Vision
  • Applied Deep Learning
  • Web and App Development
  • Scripting and Computer Automation


  • HACK JAIPUR 2020
  • Hackbout @ NMIT
  • MOZOHACK Edition 2.0
  • Rackathon 2.0


  • HACKFEST 2019 - 2nd Position
  • KSIT Hackathon 2019 - 2nd Position
  • JEEVA SAMRAKSHAK HACKATHON 2020 - Top 10 teams
  • AutoSnotBot/Algal Boom (Automated drone as well as health prediction for whales)
  • Hailey (Smart suggestion WebApp for writers)
  • StackGAN-v2 Implementation in WebApp for generating pictures on user given description
  • VanillaGAN (Generates the numbers)
  • Omnifood – JavaScript based website