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Shubham Baid

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Shubham Baid

About Me

I love exploring different technology and this love and passion of mine led me to try different technologies. From designing websites till automating drones, I have hands-on experience in almost all concepts I have been taught. I love playing computer games and I was always fascinated with the background tech used in making AI for these games, and this curiosity of mine made me work in Deep Learning technologies. Apart from playing around with technologies, I love to sketch and I’m learning to play ukulele as well.

Technical Skills

  • Web and App Development
  • Applied Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Automation


  • NASA Space Apps 2019 - completed the challenge
  • HACKFEST 2018
  • VIT Hack 2019 - Special Mentioned Team
  • HACK JAIPUR 2020


  • HACKFEST 2019 - 2nd Position
  • KSIT Hackathon 2019 - 2nd Position
  • JEEVA SAMRAKSHAK HACKATHON 2020 - Top 10 teams
  • AutoSnotBot/Algal Boom (Automated drone as well as health prediction for whales)
  • Hailey (Smart suggestions for writers)
  • Smart Cap For Blind
  • EnKindled (Detection of different degrees of skin burn)
  • Sharkzcout (scapy based network traffic analyzer)