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6 Pathways That Can Lead to a Bright and Promising Career after M. Arch

6 Pathways That Can Lead to a Bright and Promising Career after M. Arch

M. Arch is a five-year architecture program that promises a large number of lucrative career options. Architecture graduates often get confused about making their move after completing their degree. An M. Arch degree offered by some of the best M Arch colleges in Bangalore is a master’s level program that equips students with a high level of creative, visual, design, and practical skills that they can use in a large number of other fields also. For instance, the theory of design alone is the application which is practiced in various creative domains of human life. 

This blog discusses some of the most common pathways that students can choose to make a bright and rewarding career making use of their knowledge and skills in architecture:

1. Urban planner

After the industrial revolution and the fastest-growing urbanization the world over, the requirements and importance of urban design have seen a sea change. As the population of urban areas increases more speedily than that of rural areas, the quality of people’s lives also needs to be bettered accordingly. 

As a result, the town and country planners keep changing their designing and planning strategies at regular intervals to address the issues and dynamics associated with the lives of urban people. All this requires a higher level of creativity, a problem-solving approach, and proven skills in the field of architecture. 

The people who are experts in all these things can explore very attractive job opportunities as urban planners. Those who have studied architecture in any of the best M Arch colleges in Bangalore can take on the associated challenges easily. 

2. Landscape architect

Over the past few decades, people's concerns over the environment have taken a center stage in whatever progressions they are making across the different domains of life. A landscape architect is an individual who is responsible for taking the environment restoration calls. Landscape architects are responsible for the following jobs in the field of architecture:

  • Landscape architects create recreational areas keeping in view the environmental restoration
  • They come up with ways for rainwater harvesting, management as well as environmental conservation
  • They design all types of outdoor landscapes including public utility areas
  • They also take care of agriculture and forestry creating a special bond between urban and rural people.

All their actions are driven by climate change and the requirements of globalization. Some of the best M Arch colleges in Bangalore have a dedicated module of landscape architecture that provides students with comprehensive exposure preparing them to excel within the domain. 

3. Restoration architect

Restoration architecture is one of the most important subdomains of contemporary design and architecture. In case maintaining the heritage and overall architecture history of the world fascinates you, then this domain is quite appropriate. Conservation and restoration are the two vital job roles of restoration architects. They need to design and create everything keeping in view the fact that the original essence of any particular structure remains the same. This field offers a promising career to all those who have completed their master’s degree from any of the reputed M Arch colleges in Bangalore.

During the program, students will get an opportunity to see and minutely observe how things proceed in restoration architecture. There are a large number of monuments and other buildings of historical importance that the government proactively tries to restore and preserve. 

4. Town Planner

Town planners are individuals responsible for designing, developing, regenerating, and taking care of sustainability-related aspects of different structures. Town planning is one of the most popular and rewarding subdomains of modern architecture and most students studying in the reputed M Arch colleges in Bangalore opt for it looking forward to making a bright and rewarding career. A town planner needs to be well-connected to society as he or she needs to deal with the emotions and economical aspects of people belonging to diverse social strata.  

5. Interior Designer

Interior designers are the individuals responsible for all types of designing and development jobs in both commercial and residential establishments. It is probably the most commonly known career stream after students earn a degree from the top M Arch colleges in Bangalore. Interior designers generally have an excellent sense of design of different parameters and scales. Interior designing involves almost all the design aspects of a structure and calls for a great combination of creativity and practicality. 

These professionals need to be more organized in their approach while doing the needful as per their clients’ expectations. The job of an interior designer begins when all the parts of planning are carried out well. The job involves great responsibility, accountability, and deep domain knowledge.  

6. Research Architect

Over the past 3 decades, the field of architecture has seen some drastic changes due to the advancement of computers and technology. These changes are well-known for all positive changes and have become the need of the hour in all types of construction projects. Research architects are the individuals who have earned their master’s degrees from some of the best M Arch colleges in Bangalore and are coming up with newer and sustainable ways to keep pace with the contemporary building and construction requirements. 

These days, conceptual designs, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and a large number of technology-powered tools and equipment are playing a pivotal role in taking building construction to the next levels. What’s more, the research architects are relentlessly putting in efforts to advent some advanced means and ways not only to cut down on manpower but also to reduce the construction costs, and increase sustainability. 

Concluding Remarks

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