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Ancora Imparo: I am Still Learning

Ancora Imparo: I am Still Learning

I'm constantly recalling a statement made by the Italian painter Michaelangelo that I read years ago. It says "Ancora Imparo: I am still learning". Every year as I read it and reflect on it, its relevance grows and begins to take on new meanings and perspectives.

I don't think age has anything to do with learning. Whether it's picking up a new hobby, taking a new class, or learning a new skill. We are utilising the summer break at REVA to help students and others spend it productively. This summer, plus-two kids will have a longer break, so it's critical that they participate in certification programmes that teach them something new or expand their skill set.

For instance, REVA’s School of Architecture has started a Certification Course on Gond and Madhubani art techniques course for anyone who’s interested in arts. The main goal of the course is to provide participants a foundational understanding of these artistic processes and how we may use them to create handcrafted home décor items. Imagine, learning a new hobby or a course or a technique to help you develop the necessary skills and remain competitive in your line of work.

That’s not all. Every School in REVA has different kinds of certification courses. Be it the Mechanical School’s 3D printing course or Foreign language learning courses by the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or Open Software course by the School of Computer Science and Applications or the plethora of Dance and Music certificate courses from the School of Performing Arts and Indic Studies, our certification courses provides extra training, exclusive information and advanced knowledge that helps the individual to be employment-ready and excel in their respective careers.

As I always say, by the time a student graduates from REVA, they should be job providers and not job seekers. In that case, a certification course will aid in their professional advancement by assisting them in comprehending the subtleties and quickly adjusting to the workplace.

I vividly recall not knowing what to expect when I initially arrived in Bangalore from my home village and what I would learn. I spoke with individuals who are curious about a wide range of topics and have various interests. Even at a time when many individuals were hesitant to do so, I learned skills as I developed and broadened my horizons.

Hence, my advice to each of you is to: Do something new every day; see each day as a fresh start; and learn something new. Why can't we if Michaelangelo said Ancora Imparo at the age of 87?

I'm still learning. Aren't all of you?