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Become the best version of yourselves

Become the best version of yourselves

Every time a cultural or annual event happens in REVA, I remember the good old days during my B com days in my college in Andhra Pradesh. I also ponder upon how the students’ participation and coordination have changed over the years. The recently concluded Revothsava, REVA's yearly megacultural extravaganza rekindled these memories. The fact that Revothsava was just as successful as it has been in previous years makes me both proud and happy.

At REVA, we are aware of the larger responsibility that a higher education institution must take up. More than imparting knowledge and helping students comprehend their chosen subject, REVA equips students to succeed and make a positive contribution. A cultural celebration like Revothsava has a stronger impact on that.

A cultural event that is planned and run by students brings together new and young brains together. Everyone is a true leader, as I always say, and their ability to lead and organise is put to the test during these occasions. I urge everyone to take advantage of these chances and become the best version of yourselves.

More than showcasing talents and bringing out the best in you, it is also a platform for networking, team building and bonding as well as building new friendships. The annual attendance at these cultural events at REVA as some of the best performers from various institutions are on display always astounds me.

As you all know, REVA is not just a place to acquire knowledge, but also a place for overall development. Cultural and sports melas like these serve as examples of nurturing leadership qualities among students and also bringing oneness among the student communities. Our ultimate goal as a socially responsible University is to develop a cadre of future leaders who are qualified to lead the globe in their respective fields.

Let us keep the motto of “Knowledge is Power” at the heart of everything we do. Let us keep the enthusiasm intact by generating new ideas that ultimately benefit society and educate people. I am sure that through this joint commitment and dedication, we as a team can achieve the larger vision of being a student-centred and cutting-edge University.