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Empowering Students: Vote for Change; Vote For Tomorrow

Empowering Students: Vote for Change; Vote For Tomorrow

As we approach the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, I am reminded of the profound quote by a famous political Scientist Larry J Sabato: "Every election is determined by the people who show up." This serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of active participation in shaping our collective future. 

The right to vote, a cornerstone of our democracy, was hard-earned amidst the struggles for independence. It is a privilege that each of us should cherish and exercise to contribute meaningfully to the course of our nation's destiny. Throughout history, from the days of independence to the present, the power of the people remains unchanged. Our ability to choose our leaders through the ballot box has ushered in periods of prosperity, growth, and development. However, this power can only be realised when we actively engage in the electoral process. 

At REVA University, we have taken up the mantle of promoting awareness about voting rights and elections through initiatives like Jagruti. This concerted effort stems from our belief in fostering civic responsibility among citizens and nurturing a culture of active participation in democracy. 

Jagruti, spearheaded by the REVA Electoral Literacy Association (RELA), aims to address the concerning trend of low voter enrollment and participation, particularly in urban areas like Bengaluru. We recognise the urgent need to reignite faith in the democratic ideals that our nation was founded upon. Through Jagruti, we seek to empower citizens with the knowledge and awareness necessary to make informed decisions during elections. It is a platform where individuals can engage in dialogue, expand their understanding of democratic processes, and ultimately, exercise their right to vote ethically and responsibly. 

As the Chancellor of REVA University, I am proud to see Jagruti emerge as a beacon of civic engagement among various educational institutions worldwide. With just a month left until the Lok Sabha elections, I urge all our students and fellow citizens to seize this opportunity to make their voices heard through the power of their vote. 

Let us stand together as responsible citizens, united in our commitment to choosing leaders who envision a future of progress and prosperity for our nation. Each vote cast is a testament to our collective aspirations and beliefs. Let us not underestimate the impact of one single vote in shaping the course of history.