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Explore Endless Possibilities

Explore Endless Possibilities

At REVA, we believe in the all-round development of students to reach their fullest potential both academically and creatively. To hone the professional, vocational, and artistic skills of the students, the campus offers a smart infrastructure that caters to a variety of needs for the holistic growth of the individual.

The campus has three special auditoria along with lush green lawns designed to occupy large capacities for social gatherings, performances, and any important event. To provide the students with a comfortable residential experience, we have in-house residential halls and hostels to accommodate more than 2300 students. The residential wings incorporate purified water facilities, standby generators, reading halls, and tutorial rooms to ensure that no compromises are made in the holistic welfare of the students.

REVA encourages students to engage in as many intra-collegiate events as possible, which helps them network and bond better. Our annual programmes focus on integrating art with academics in "Kaladarshan", where each school or college organises cultural shows representing the ethos of the institute through creative themes and topics. Perhaps the campus radio "REVA Dhwani" is an interesting initiative by students of journalism at the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Home radio works as an integrative medium to communicate and connect with students across schools and batches on topics related to academics, administrative updates, college news, recruitments, and other opportunities.

The vast array of innovative and student-driven clubs in both academic and non-academic spheres are promoted by the university to increase the students’ out-of-class involvement in productive interests and academic stimulation. The student clubs and societies and sports events across a diverse spectrum of schools offer students a chance to explore the practical and artistic sides of college life.

Apart from vocational and creative activities, the college also provides social outreach and social service opportunities for its students. An interesting palette of outreach programmes incorporates the National Service Scheme Special Camp in Mylanahalli Village, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, the National Cadet Corps, and other self-driven projects like Jagruti and Abhivriddhi. Moreover, the college culture strongly believes in the power of unity and student leadership, which in turn contributes to the bigger picture of nation-building.