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How REVA AI and Data Science Programme reshapes post pandemic career opportunities

How REVA AI and Data Science Programme reshapes post pandemic career opportunities

The onset of the pandemic and the drastic shifts in our personal and professional lives made us all realise the importance of adapting to changes and knowing the significance of the internet and its related fields. The internet during the course of our lockdown experience has been the benevolent hand to keep us entertained, connected, and professionally engaged.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the COVID-19 crisis was that learning never stops. With changing times, we build new interests and proficiencies. Keeping this in mind, REVA University decided to launch interesting, skill-based, and creative courses for B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences and B.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things and Cyber Security including Block Chain Technology) to enhance learners' interest in the upcoming technology and the prospective career opportunities it opens.

The course aims to deal with the subject at both levels of theory and practise by incorporating not just artificial intelligence, data mining, and data modelling but also machine learning and big data analytics. By the end of this course, the students will benefit by gaining cross-disciplinary skillsets in the technology-driven fields of healthcare, climatology, e-commerce, biotechnology, genetics, social networking, and business, as with the advent of the COVID-driven shift to online setups, technology has become of principal importance in multiple fields. The programme outcome focuses on acquiring the key end results that strengthen your analytical ability and develop essential proficiency in the realm of data sciences while dealing with statistical and computational principles and the application of the same. Additionally, the course focuses on the application side of the discipline to get the most out of the theory knowledge. This is done by teaching the techniques of search algorithms, neural networks, and machine learning to ignite a problem-solving approach when dealing with cross-disciplinary aspects on the professional front.

All in all, the course offers technology geeks a unique opportunity to discover the recent skill-based developments in the AI sector. Especially with the bustling demand for app-based businesses and changing economic patterns, the course would help learners upskill and prepare themselves for the cutting-edge market of technology and data science.