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Let’s embrace the domino effect of blended learning

Let’s embrace the domino effect of blended learning

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. (Confucius)

I've been thinking about this Confucius remark for the past several days. Imagine a college where every single student is motivated, involved, and enthusiastic about engaging in effective learning. This fosters their job ambitions, gives them a head start on college, and connects them to their communities. Along with their families, they are on a mission, and they receive individualized and continuing professional and academic counseling regarding the courses they take, the routes they choose, and the long-term objectives they establish for their careers.

My vision was simple when I founded REVA back in 2004: To create better environments for academics to flourish and find new ways to approach education for nation-building. I have prepared and assembled the best team possible to help me achieve my goal.

REVA's admissions season is currently in full swing. Everyone knows that the key to success is education. We all learned a lot during the last two years. We switched to online lessons in about three days. The pandemic, in my opinion, also presented us with opportunities to face constructive challenges and improve our efforts to promote the welfare of the students.

We think that now is the time and that it is our duty to rethink and rebuild the educational system in order to give every student the best possible chance for a prosperous and fulfilling future. In order to make this a reality, we made sure that REVA offers an adequate number of courses that are in line with anticipated demand in addition to meeting ambitious goals.

The past two years have challenged the fundamental strengths of people, institutions, organizations, and communities hugely. However, it also aided REVA in rediscovering our resilience and agility to function in unprecedented settings. It also demonstrated how information can be learned outside of the classroom and how technology does not hinder education but rather serves as a major enabler.

In order to help students get ready for remote work and new work dynamics in the new normal, we also provide training for offline and online internships. Since its founding, REVA has worked to establish itself as the top educational destination in the nation, providing the most cutting-edge and advanced education available. Our objective is to shape students so they can function in a post-pandemic environment and become accustomed to the new workplace norms.

There has never been a better time to implement blended learning at REVA University. It is effective and provides our kids with individualised, high-quality conceptual engagement. During the course sessions, we also encourage active learning and concentration. It has developed into a domino effect over time, serving as a reminder of the good effects education can have on a person's outlook and quality of life. With greater learning outcomes, it has unquestionably developed into a useful and rewarding learning platform.

Also, I have personally experienced that our sizable student body of 15000+ is exposed to a variety of knowledge-sharing fields. It is time for educational institutions to re-evaluate their objectives, refocus their student outreach programmes, and give their students the tools they need to become better individuals. My vision and mission in REVA are to go beyond the teaching-learning methods, passive internships, and theoretical exposure. I have always believed that excellent teaching education requires a lifelong commitment to the practice of active learning.

When students are actively engaged in learning in the core, it brings in change and the way they think and respond. We should foster an employable student community that provides enough job opportunities, once they are out of the university compounds. At REVA, we always believe that the students should be able to use this knowledge base as the foundation for designing innovative instruction and creating possibilities for active learning for a variety of students.

Therefore, the onus now lies on us to effectively engage students, identify their interests and mentor them to be industry-ready. After all, as Confucius rightly said, education instills confidence and treats them as better and more independent human beings.

Let’s get there in no time!

Let’s be change-makers!