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Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye: A Step Towards Democracy

Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye: A Step Towards Democracy

Are you ready to embark on the journey of democracy? As one of the millions of young Indians preparing to cast their first vote, students hold a pivotal role in shaping the future of our nation. With the 18th Lok Sabha Elections around the corner, which is considered the grand celebration of democracy, REVA University is geared up to empower students and young citizens with awareness of their voting rights. This commitment is exemplified through a range of programmes and activities, notably the flagship campaign, Jagruti, aimed at educating and engaging individuals in the democratic process.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his 110th 'Mann ki Baat,' appealed to the youth, especially first-time voters, to actively engage in the democratic process through the Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye campaign. Recognising the profound impact of our votes in the upcoming election, he urged young citizens to not only participate but also inspire others to join this transformative movement.

Beyond merely casting ballots, the Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye campaign strives to cultivate a competitive yet collaborative atmosphere. It invites the youth to envision the future of our nation through various creative competitions. This initiative isn't just about elections; it's about nurturing a sense of responsibility and patriotism among the youth, empowering them to become architects of the nation's destiny.

As an extension of this campaign and in a concerted effort to contribute to society, REVA University launched Jagruti, thereby aligning itself with our nation’s democratic journey. 'Jagruti' - REVA's flagship campaign, marks a significant step towards fostering a culture of informed and engaged citizenship. As a Social Impact University, we firmly believe that electing capable and committed public representatives hinges on widespread participation in the electoral process. Recognising this, REVA has taken proactive steps to raise awareness about voting rights through Jagruti. Led by Chancellor Dr. P Shyama Raju's visionary leadership, REVA became one of the first Universities to empower citizens with knowledge and make them aware of their voting rights. By engaging with our community and instilling a sense of civic duty, REVA University aims to foster a culture of active citizenship and democratic engagement.

Under the aegis of REVA Electoral Literacy Association (RELA), faculty and students passionately instilled in citizens the importance of active participation in democratic processes. Jagruti, an initiative by RELA, aimed to challenge the prevalent non-participatory mindset. Aligned with the vision of citizen empowerment, RELA sought to encourage voluntary voter registration and ethical voting in every election.

Resonating deeply with the spirit of democracy, this campaign is a call to action, an opportunity to exercise your constitutional right, and a responsibility towards the nation's progress. Your first vote symbolises more than just a mark on a ballot; it represents your aspirations, your values, and your vision for India.

Objectives of Jagruti

  • Creating awareness of the electoral process of the country.
  • Aiding voters' contribution through activities organised by students.
  • Providing platforms for people to interact and expand on their knowledge of democratic processes.
  • Encouragement of people's interaction with the political system.
  • Promoting accountability towards civic responsibility.
  • Helping citizens make informed choices.
  • Introducing and enlightening citizens on Digital electoral procedures.
  • A hands-on engagement with citizens of the constituency to take the cause forward by setting an example.