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REVA celebrates strength, resilience & perseverance

REVA celebrates strength, resilience & perseverance

True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.” - Dr S Radhakrishnan

I recall a famous quote uttered by Dr S. Radhakrishnan when I was a young child. He stated his desire that his birthday to be observed as Teachers' Day instead of being honoured with lots of fervour.

What a wonderful thought that is. Isn’t it?

The social contributions made by teachers never cease to astound me. When I founded REVA University a few years ago, I wanted teachers to be more than just conduits for information; I wanted them to be the role models and foundation of education. Finding and developing potential leaders is crucial in the current environment. The early stages of this process are where our teachers play a significant part. Teachers play a crucial part in spotting the proper talent by highlighting the students' accomplishments and areas for improvement as well as spotting those with outstanding leadership potential and a strong sense of community.

Enlightening the students

It is crucial for teachers to upgrade their teaching skills in this era of shifting paradigms and the use of more advanced technologies in order to make learning dynamic and engaging. We should employ technology to improve learning since, as we all know, paper textbooks are being replaced by the internet. Along with students, teachers are constantly striving to improve so that they can keep up with student learning. Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to keep students interested in their lessons.

Be the changemaker!

On August 15, it was a beautiful event for me personally and as the Chancellor of this institution. I was ecstatic and fascinated to observe the sizable group of young leaders who rose to their feet at the auditorium during the Independence Day festivities. I remember thinking that day that I am just as youthful as all of you. I've been considering how to include each and every one of you in a 25-year partnership with REVA to launch a movement for high-quality social services and education. I felt that I was carrying out a decent and good deed when I observed how many faculty and staff members who were under 45 stood up for this cause at the Independence Day celebrations on August 15. I am confident

that with your unwavering support and encouragement, I will realise my aim of making REVA the top choice for higher education and make a greater contribution to the development of the country. Let's be the change agents and contribute back to society, as Mahatma Gandhi once rightly advised: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

Therefore, on this Teachers' Day, let's maintain our objectives straightforward and vibrant. I feel revitalised and thrilled to achieve new milestones, contribute to REVA's expansion, and watch as this Temple of Learning achieves new and fantastic things in the future. We must serve as role models for the students and youth since we are the torchbearers for them. Create a road map for them to follow, and we'll lead by example. Let the relationship deepen day by day and make sure we fully appreciate our positions as educators, mentors, and guides.

I wish everyone a Happy Teachers’ Day!