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REVA University Celebrates Founder’s Day

REVA University Celebrates Founder’s Day

In the rich legacy of REVA University, certain dates stand out as milestones that weave the story of an institution’s journey. Founder’s Day is one such occasion, a day when the whole REVA community comes together to honour the visionary individual who laid the foundation for our University. We celebrated our Founder Dr. P Shyama Raju’s birthday on January 6, 2024, with much fervour and delight. While engaging in the celebrations, we reflected on our roots, expressed gratitude for the legacy we inherited and set our sights on the path ahead.

Born in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. P. Shyama Raju began his journey from humble beginnings. After obtaining a degree in Commerce from SGS Arts College, Tirupati, AP, he took the reins and founded Shyama Raju & Company Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, with a vision to undertake public projects. Demonstrating his tenacity and perseverance, he approached the Bengaluru City Corporation and was entrusted with two of the most challenging developments under its purview. This marked a turning point in his career, and he rose to the occasion with aplomb.

With the inception of DivyaSree Developers in 1997, a real estate development company, Dr. Raju embarked on a journey that established him as a stalwart in the field. His entrepreneurial spirit was instrumental in propelling the company to great heights, and it continues to flourish under his able guidance.

REVA (Rukmini Educational Vision Academy) University, a unit of DivyaSree Group is the result of Dr. Raju’s unwavering determination to fulfil his late wife, Mrs. Rukmini Shyama Raju’s cherished dream of establishing world-class educational institutions. With years of relentless toil, resilience and commitment, REVA University has become a paragon of excellence and quality. Under Dr. Raju’s tutelage, the university has evolved from 150 students to over 15,000 students.

At REVA, the Founder’s Day celebration is not merely a ritual, it is envisaged as a heartfelt tribute to our Founder and Chancellor, Dr Shyama Raju whose dreams and determination birthed the University that we hold dear. It is a day to acknowledge the unwavering commitment, foresight and tenacity of our founder who shaped the very essence of our community.

The formal celebrations that were held in Kuvempu Auditorium had the august presence of Indian Aerospace Scientist Shri Nambi Narayanan S., Indian Actor Shri Anant Nag, and Indian TV Presenter and Actress Ms. Anushree S. Dr. P. Shyama Raju expressed gratitude for the birthday wishes from family, extended family and the REVA community. He outlined his vision for REVA, aspiring to rank among the top 500 global universities, emphasising the goal for REVA graduates to be societal contributors and leaders, eventually becoming job providers. During the event, Shri Nambi Narayanan S. and Shri Anant Nag were awarded the REVA Lifetime Achievement Award while Ms. Anushree S. was acknowledged with the REVA.

Excellence Award for their noteworthy contributions. Shri Nambi Narayanan S. praised REVA for its work creating a clean and green campus under the guidance of Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju. He said that it is wonderful to know that REVA is climbing up the ladder with its environmentally conscious initiatives and sustainability efforts. Shri Anant Nag commended Dr. P. Shyamaraju for his vision of giving back to the community. He said that Dr. P. Shyama Raju is a visionary whose ideas transcend greatness. The world can take a cue from him in producing leaders and role models through his institution, REVA University. He also reminisced how Dr. Shyama Raju contributed to the completion of the Mekhri Circle project while Shri Anant Nag was the Minister of Karnataka State. Ms. Anushree S. said that Dr Shyama Raju’s vision of giving holistic education and thereby producing leaders is indeed commendable.

REVA University and its community, under the guidance of Chancellor Dr P Shyama Raju, believes that Founder’s Day is an opportunity to embrace the present and look forward to the future. It is also considered a call to uphold tradition while fostering creativity, ensuring that the flame ignited by the visionary Chancellor continues to burn brightly for years to come.