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REVA University Vishwa Samvada 2024-Cultivating Diplomatic Discourse; Redefining Excellence on the Global Stage

REVA University Vishwa Samvada 2024-Cultivating Diplomatic Discourse; Redefining Excellence on the Global Stage

I am filled with immense delight today as we conclude the leap month of 2024 with a monumental leap forward. The realisation of our longstanding aspiration to attain Global University status has now come to fruition, and this remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the REVA University Vishwa Samvada 2024 India-Russia Track II Dialogue, held on February 27 and 28 in our campus.

We hosted this event and brought together esteemed representatives from the renowned Russian think tank, the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), engaging in dialogue with their Indian counterparts. We took this responsibility as a tribute to humanity and to serve our homeland - the Republic of India - in promoting international cooperation in education, sciences, culture, communication, and information to safeguard peace and security across regions and the globe.

The enduring bond between India and Russia, steeped in history, has flourished over many years. Since the signing of the Declaration of India-Russia Strategic Partnership in 2000, this bond has matured into a profound alliance spanning various domains including political, security, defence, trade, economy, science, technology, and culture. During his recent visit to Russia, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar aptly remarked that geopolitics and strategic convergence will continually propel India-Russia relations on a positive trajectory.

It is at this juncture that REVA University hosted its first-of-its-kind India-Russia Dialogue on the campus. Ranging from topics like World Order in Transition: from the Unipolar Moment Towards Polycentric System to Transforming Global Logistical Infrastructure and Challenges for Eurasian Security and Connectivity, the Dialogue was a melange of talks, debates and discussions that further fueled and strengthened the strategic partnership between the two countries.

I was thrilled to hear Dr. Feodor Voitolovsky, Director of the Primakov Institute for World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO), speak during the concluding ceremony of REVA Vishwa Samvada 2024. His insightful remarks regarding potential areas of cooperation between India and Russia, including connectivity, maritime security, economics, and infrastructure, were truly enlightening. As the Chancellor of REVA University, it was indeed an honour for me to witness such a prestigious event being hosted on our campus.

Similarly, the perspective shared by the Indian delegate and Emeritus Professor of Geopolitics and International Studies, as well as REVA University Advisory Board member, Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, was equally enlightening. His emphasis on the importance of strengthening people-to-people connections between India and Russia underscores the significance of fostering a robust strategic relationship between the two nations.

The concluding ceremony was nothing short of spectacular, featuring mesmerizing performances by REVA University students showcasing Yakshagana and Bhangra, as well as the captivating Manipuri stick dance. Adding to the cultural richness was the vibrant Russian Kalinka Dance, truly embodying the spirit of diversity and unity.

I am a firm believer that synergy between our two nations extends far beyond diplomatic ties, fostering deep-rooted cooperation across multifaceted dimensions. India and Russia's enduring relationship stands as a testament to shared values and mutual respect, reinforcing our commitment to advancing bilateral interests and contributing to global stability through a robust and multifaceted strategic partnership.

At the outset, REVA University is dedicated to aligning with national strategic interests, thereby contributing to the global order through REVA Vishwa Samvada 2024. Moreover, it is our fundamental duty to engage students in the discourse surrounding international relations and geopolitics to provide a holistic educational experience. This approach not only delivers quality education but also offers broad exposure and the freedom to pursue diverse research interests, which is the hallmark of REVA University. By nurturing, motivating, and guiding young minds, we aim to cultivate a critical mass of strategic analysts whose insights contribute to shaping India's perspectives on the evolving global geopolitical landscape.