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Should I go for MCA or MBA after BCA?

Should I go for MCA or MBA after BCA?

The world of computer applications has been advancing at such a fast pace that the demand for providing enough workforce is still in shortage. The more important part of it all is the requirement of professionals who have in-depth knowledge and are proficient enough to work in multiple aspects of the industry.

As Bangalore is becoming the hub of the digital world, it is crucial for students to gain the right knowledge in this system. After the BCA courses in Bangalore, there are many other courses that students can pursue to work in different industries. However, which among the most popular two will be a boon to your work opportunities? Let’s find out.

MCA and MBA: The 2 Most Common Post-Graduate Streams!

MCA and MBA have been two of the most common options that students take up for their career growth but what makes them truly important in the present day?


MCA offers a core course structure that helps the students gain expertise in the technical aspects of the stream. It helps to further understand the intricacies of the subject and help them get a deeper understanding of computer applications.


MBA, on the other hand, diversifies your profile in the market. You can become proficient in other types of departments opening a window to peek into a stream that is different from the technicalities of the subject.

What are the Scope Upgrades?

It is understandable that you chose one of the best colleges for BCA in Bangalore and got into a job profile that suited your requirements perfectly. But as you grow in the market, you need to enhance your skills and get further qualifications. Let’s see what are the different opportunities you can score after each of these post-graduate degrees.


As you get a finer grasp of the subject you become more adept at the roles of designing, management, and engineering. The posts can be marked as:

  • Information Systems Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Management Support Systems
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer and Manager
  • Programming and Data Structure; etc.

These job profiles require high technical skills that are very specific to their requirements and the field. One can explore different markets and sectors as the requirement in the industry for qualified students is increasing.


MBA is a versatile course with a huge number of specializations for you to explore. It will also help you expand your horizons into different markets. Some of the profiles you can work in are:

  • Business Analytics Manager
  • Computer Science Manager
  • Technology Management
  • Information Tehnology
  • Marketing Manager for Tech
  • Business Development Expert; etc.

MBA, as compared to MCA, is more about the business market. It focuses on management, communication, creativity, and analytical skills. It ensures a better prospect as a person who is looking to work in different positions and wants something that is high-paced.

Key Takeaway: Which One to Choose?

Both of these are really amazing streams to pursue after the BCA courses in Bangalore with pretty great career opportunities. While MCA offers a more advanced learning curve in Computer Application, MBA offers a more multi-skilled growth in career. If a person wants to create a flexible profile in the market and step towards the management of the department of technology, the MBA can be a massive addition to the profile. MCA, on the other hand, helps in the development of technical skills, refining knowledge, and polishing your analytical skills.

Most of the best colleges for BCA in Bangalore provide a precise course structure for the core learning of the subject. Thus, you can explore more industries with MBA and thus, it is indeed one of the most valued courses after BCA.