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The 3000

The 3000

It’s been just a few months since we started our regular classes. I can confidently state that we have done all possible to make online learning effective on our end, and the proof is in the pudding. The curtain has been drawn on another placement season and our students have performed admirably, making a stellar placement record this year. They've raised the bar for the university, and I'm ecstatic that my goal of REVA students becoming employment providers by 2025 is becoming a realistic possibility. Nothing, not even the tumultuous economic circumstances brought on by COVID-19, has had an impact on the placements. The holistic education offered at university has always yielded results, and our attempts to move away from the traditional academic process, adhering to skill-based training and projects, and allowing our kids to learn via experimentation and curiosity, have always created positive outcomes. Isn't this an example of a win-win situation for both industry and students? These results are a ray of optimism for me, as well as the faculty to do more on our own.

These record-breaking figures are unprecedented for a variety of reasons. Indeed, the high-quality education offered at REVA University has long been a source of pride for stakeholders and recruitment partners, who annually hire the finest applicants from REVA. A total of 3000 offers were rolled out by prestigious firms and institutes, and the Career Development Centre has again upheld the motto "we promise, we deliver". This demonstrates the drive of young kids to thrive in the cutthroat world of competition, much beyond a mere title recognition for the university. We’re glad that we could be a part of their growth and contribute to their success stories. Speaking at Abhinandan 2022, a laudatory ceremony honouring the efforts of students who have been able to acquire secure jobs in prestigious organizations, Km. Gurpreet Jaggi, Global Talent Acquisition Head, BETSOL, emphasised that the young hopefuls must not go behind bulkier pay packets instead of doing something they like. I totally resonate with this idea, and I would advise you to start by following your heart rather than your head.

As fresh graduates moving out of REVA, let your goal be to develop notable contributions of your own, and stand out from the crowd because of your potential and abilities. You will be confronted with a real-world of opportunities, which you will seize, showcase your talent, and become an innovator in your field. As we commemorate Labour Day this month, I hope you all become job creators and contribute to society as a whole. Your alma mater is always there to guide, motivate, and support you. Every REVA student will be transformed and moulded into capable, industry-ready products. You, REVA students who have been given the opportunity to study here, are unquestionably the chosen ones, and you, chosen ones, must embrace the purpose of doing well in the world, building this country, and doing tremendous feats that will make REVA proud.