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The Path of Applied Sciences

The Path of Applied Sciences

There does not exist a category of science to which one can give the name applied science. There are science and the applications of science, bound together as the fruit of the tree which bears it - Louis Pasteur

Scientific Information or knowledge gained in basic science when amalgamated with practical endeavours gives rise to applied sciences. Applied sciences is the practical application of basic or natural science with the help of technology. 
At REVA School of Applied Sciences, we offer programmes in Biological Sciences, Physical and Chemical Science domains. We provide knowledge and skillsets required to equip students to cater to industry sectors, research laboratories and educational institutions. Our well-qualified faculties, digital classrooms, well-equipped academic laboratories, and Center of Excellence centres facilitates an interactive and collaborative environment to enrich their academic and professional careers. 

To keep pace with industry demand and requirement, the Department of Biotechnology at the school is proud to introduce two new PG programmes and one UG programme for the academic year 2021-22. We are offering B.Sc. (Chemistry, Microbiology and Genetics), M.Sc. Microbial Technology and M.Sc Bioinformatics.

The PG curriculum is designed in collaboration with reputed industries and research organization to make it industry-oriented in the true sense. 
1.     M.Sc. Microbial Technology Program: 
The Masters’ program in Microbial Technology is Industry Oriented Program, majorly focuses on the applied aspects of microbiology in various specialized areas of science with applications across industry, agriculture and medicine. Microbial Technology emphasizes hands-on learning through laboratories sessions, internships, skill development programs conducted every semester. The curriculum of the programme is reviewed and approved by esteemed members of reputed industries and research organization bringing the true nature of the industry-oriented programme. In collaboration with reputed industries like Azyme Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Criyagen Agri & Biotech Pvt. Ltd., DR BioSciences LLP., XCyton Pvt Ltd: three different specializations have been offered for the program like Industrial and Food Microbiology, Plant and Agricultural Microbiology and Medical and Diagnostic Microbiology. 

Career Opportunities
Across domains of life sciences, the opportunities include teaching, Scientist, Industries, Research Organizations, State and Central Universities, Agriculture Universities, Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories, Nutritionist, Project Assistant, Research Assistant, Research Analyst, Clinical Research Associates, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer and Business startups.
Collaborations with Research Institutes / Industries for Internships.

  1. National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Bengaluru
  2. University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru 
  3. Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bengaluru 
  4. Central Food and Technology Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysuru
  5. Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow
  6. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad
  7. National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad.
  8. National Science Academies, Bengaluru

2.     M.Sc Bioinformatics Program: 
Bioinformatics is a new scientific discipline with roots in computer science, statistics and molecular biology. Bioinformaticians apply information technology to store, retrieve and manipulate these data and employ statistical methods capable of analyzing large amounts of biological data. The program provides the skill sets necessary to analyze large biological datasets.
The curriculum commences with training in programming, data science and elementary bioinformatics tools. Advanced bioinformatics courses deal with structural and functional genomics, transcriptomics and DNA array technology data, as well as algorithm development and machine learning. 
Career opportunities in Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics is a fast-growing and important field of research. There is a huge demand for bioinformaticians from Life Science, Pharma Industries and Data Science Companies. Students also can pursue higher studies at Universities and Research organizations. 
The scope includes the opportunity for students to pursue their career as Bioinformatician, Data Curator, Software developer, Data Scientist, Programmer, Bioinformatics Systems Administrator, Bioinformatics Research Fellow, Bioinformatics Research Assistant/Associate, Bioinformatics Project Manager
Top Indian recruiters in Bioinformatics:
Strand Life Sciences, Genotypic Technologies, ·Med Genome, Agri Genome, Mapmygenome, Nucleome, Eurofins, Biocon, Thermofisher Scientific, Clevergene, Genome Life Sciences 

3.     B.Sc. (Chemistry, Microbiology and Genetics) Program: 
B.Sc. Genetics, Microbiology & Chemistry is a 3-year bachelor degree program through six semesters. It is a combination of Microbiology, Chemistry and Genetics that emphasizes studies related to the field of medicine, technology, engineering and chemical sciences. The curriculum is designed to aid students in employability and higher studies. 
Career opportunities range from chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, diagnostic labs, microbiology firms, food and agricultural industries. Graduates can pursue a Master in any Life Science domain or Chemical Sciences.

If you are drawn towards taking science to the next level and advance our community through time, the field of applied sciences is perfect for you to uncover discoveries and discover your career unravelling them. Contact us to know more about REVA School of Applied Sciences.