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The power of seminars to establish networking amongst individuals

The power of seminars to establish networking amongst individuals

Seminars are an excellent platform for students to interact and network with people from the industry. REVA University conducts regular seminars and virtual workshops for one-on-one mentoring with experts in the field for students to gain a wealth of knowledge. Understanding the demands of the industry, seminars are a great opportunity for industry connections through first hand exposure of the real world by being exposed to different perspectives. At REVA, we strive to bridge the gap between industry and academia through seminars with keynote speakers to address the students on several topics in their field of interest. 

Seminars are powerful tools to bring together like-minded individuals and establish networking that will help in the long run. Here are a few advantages of seminars that we believe foster interest in our students – 

1. Industry insights through speciliased knowledge: Seminars hosted by educational institutions attract speakers who are experts in their industry and focus on specific topics that are in the news. Students take this as an opportunity to listen to the opinions and inputs of experts and use it as a platform to put forth their questions. When these questions are answered from well-known speakers, students feel a sense of hope and aspiration towards their bright future. 

2. Focus on specifics: Seminars are usually held over a day or two and are packed with information that is well suited for students. Details of all the topics are discussed in depth giving students the opportunity to see things crystal clear and take decisions on their own thereafter. 

3. Building awareness through networking: Seminars give ample opportunity to network with people from the same industry thus building the foundation of your career as an individual. It is important to forge new contacts in order to grow in your field of interest. Networking allows individuals to discuss challenges, opportunities and solutions amongst each other. 

4. Holistic development: Seminars allow students to immerse in the subject through interaction and engagement. This in turn leaves students recharged and boosts morale that is needed for higher productivity. Students gain inspiration from discussions, which keeps them enthusiastic and looking for more. 

5. Keeping up with trends: In most fields of study information tends to become obsolete, for this reason seminars are a good way to ensure and train students and teachers regarding changes in practices and knowledge to make sure they are working towards industry standards. 

6. Motivation for students and teachers: Seminars are not just educational discourses but the main goal is to motivate individuals to develop interest and passion in the subject. A sense of upward mobility and a purpose to work towards gives them opportunities to advance and stay encouraged through the course of learning thereby fulfilling their goal. 

As we know, confidence and the ability to speak your mind are of utmost importance for students to contribute to the society and seminars help to inculcate self-confidence and belief in their ideas and innovations. REVA University is building leaders through opportunities where students interact and present their ideas to an audience, which help in managing soft skills during an interview for a career in the future. Moreover, it is beneficial for students looking to study further by pursuing a Post Graduate Degree or Ph.D. where they can learn about the latest findings in their respective field. This also leads students to explore new areas of research for discoveries and understand the subject on a deeper level. 

The early introduction to skill demands of the job industry is also learnt through seminars conducted by the University. Seminars play an imperative role to equip students with new age technologies and introduce them to current findings leading to passionate interaction. Students are trained in skills that are required on the job since college to keep them grounded to the realities of a job and its requirements. The Alumni Connect event hosted by REVA University is designed in a way that students receive early guidance and mentorship from past students. Students take inspiration from the alumni as they feel a sense of connection. The Alumni Connect seminars have proved to be a grand success where REVA’s alumni and current students exchange valuable information to integrate academia and industry. 

The advantages of seminars for educational institutions are at present being recognised as one of the most crucial developments in modern education. It gives students a different environment when compared to a classroom where students learn on their own more effectively and efficiently. The importance of seminars and their power to connect intellectuals to exchange thoughts, views and ideas are coming to be of immense value to the educational fraternity and REVA University is happy to be a part of study that is relevant to industrial standards.