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Top 10 Career Avenues with a BA in Performing Arts| REVA University

Top 10 Career Avenues with a BA in Performing Arts| REVA University

Those who adore theatrical performances might choose careers in performing arts. This field is perfectly suitable for people who desire to develop their creative skills in different performing arts while self-promoting. All that they need is a BA in Performing Arts. Many specializations exist in this field, from film to dance to music. Let's examine some most rewarding career paths in the field of performing arts:

Typical Performing Arts Jobs


Through discourse, body language, and movements, actors convey characters and events. They usually play out a writer's script with a director's help, although some performers create their own characters or improvise their reactions. Stage, cinema, television, and radio roles vary greatly. Acting is a competitive field, and you may have trouble finding employment.

However, if you enjoy performing and have skills, you may follow this job. Being adaptable can help you obtain a job, so start by building a showreel reflecting experience in a number of roles. You may also consider hiring an agency that will identify gigs and negotiate more compensation for you but charge a percentage.


Dancers interpret music, tell stories, and convey emotions via movement, frequently with choreographic supervision. You may dance live or on TV, in movies, or in music videos. Dancers may specialize in many genres, making themselves more employable. You'll need rhythm, timing, attention, hard effort, and enthusiasm. If you have dance skills and drive, this job may be for you.

Build a network and market yourself, potentially with an agency, to boost your job prospects. Dance teaching and choreography may help enhance your income. However, those who are pursuing BA in performing arts from any of the best colleges in Bangalore will have dedicated dance modules in their syllabus.


Musical Theatre Performer

Musical theatre actors are usually trained in singing, dancing, and acting. Eight performances a week and heavy competition for slots make this a hard job. Musical theatre performers may flourish if they are driven, talented, and enthusiastic, much like actors and dancers. Those interested must gain as much experience as possible, acquire professional contacts, challenge themselves to improve their talents and grow their confidence as a competent performer.

Dance, Music, or Drama Therapist

Use your passion for dance, music, or theatre to assist people of all age groups to overcome personal challenges in these performing arts employment. Drama therapists employ group work and role-play to help individuals express their feelings and address social or personal issues. 

Music therapists help individuals express inner sensations using music. Music therapists creatively employ music to create a shared musical experience and therapeutic purposes. Dancing movement therapists aid patients with physical, psychological, emotional, and mental issues via dancing. These performing arts careers need a BA in performing arts from any of the best colleges in Bangalore apart from a paid or unpaid experience serving others.

Director of Theatre

Theatre directors collaborate with everyone to produce an audience-pleasing production from scripts. They oversee the technical and artistic interpretation of a theatrical screenplay or musical composition from inception to end. Theatre directors may write, design, or act. Becoming indispensable at your local theatre as an assistant, and possibly beginning with an amateur theatre company, can help you become a theatre director.


If you possess a fervent enthusiasm for crafting screenplays and a profound fascination with digital media, this profession may be well-suited for you. Utilizing your creativity, you will create captivating narratives for several mediums, including cinema, television, and computer games. One must possess drive, motivation, and the capacity to adhere to stringent deadlines.

Do not be concerned if you have never had formal education in writing - what matters is your ability, and you may enhance your abilities by becoming a member of a writers' association. Moreover, when you pursue a BA in performing arts in any of the best colleges in Bangalore, you will get a complete overview and module of screenwriting.

Arts Administrator

Arts administrators coordinate and manage arts events and programs to ensure their success. They are employed by diverse institutions such as theatres or museums. If you possess a strong enthusiasm for the arts and possess skills in management and organization, this profession may be suitable for you, as it offers the opportunity to develop a unique perspective on art. This role requires proficient administration, organization, and IT abilities.

Stage Manager at a Theatre

Theatre stage managers, who ensure each performance goes well, also need organizational skills. Effectively managing and connecting with the front-of-house personnel and director requires good interpersonal skills. This position may require a high level of effort, yet it provides prospects for individual as well as collective accomplishments. In order to qualify for this position, it is essential to possess hands-on experience in the field of theatre.

Television or Radio Host

Broadcasting presenters serve as the public representatives or voices of programs shown/broadcasted on television, radio, and the Internet. They engage and educate their viewers by delivering information or entertainment in a transparent and appealing manner, often engaging with the audience and sometimes conducting interviews with guests.

In this field, competition is fierce, thus, it is essential to possess a high level of motivation and enthusiasm, along with a profound passion for television and radio. It is essential to accumulate substantial paid or volunteer job experience that is directly related to your field. This will likely include starting from an assistant position and progressively acquiring the necessary abilities.

Educator or Teacher 

If you want to use your passion for the performing arts to motivate and inspire young people and foster emerging talents, a career in teaching might prove to be very fulfilling. You may choose to specialize in a certain branch of the performing arts and maybe oversee a drama club to foster more engagement with the performing arts outside regular instructional periods.

Concluding Remarks

Continuing your studies while starting out might help you become a professional performer. That means you may still participate in student performances and festivals, where many dancers, actresses, and musicians began their careers. Such a vibrant scenario is common when you pursue a BA in performing arts in any of the best colleges in Bangalore or any other part of the country.