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Top 5 Career Streams after Completing BCA Program

Top 5 Career Streams after Completing BCA Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) has been one of India's most popular and preferred programs over the past two decades. The program is still relevant and every year thousands of students are opting for this course in the best BCA colleges in India. As the name suggests, BCA is a full-time 3-time undergraduate program in which students find an opportunity to explore the fascinating field of computers and their countless applications.

BCA makes students eligible for a large number of career choices in the field of Information Technology and allied sectors.  
This blog focuses on some of the most significant career streams which you can choose after completing your BCA program from any of the top colleges for BCA in India:
  1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
As discussed at the very outset, BCA opens a large number of doors for students. One of the top options is MCA through which students dive deeper into the realm of computers and information technology. More than 50% of students studying in different colleges and universities opt for MCA after completing their degree program. To take up this full-time 2-year PG program, students need to choose some specific specialization areas. Some of them include the following:
  • Application Software
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Software Development, etc.
Accordingly, after completing their degree program, they can apply for the job. It is always advisable for BCA students to opt for MCA as a large number of organizations always prefer those candidates who have both degrees. Other than that, the students who have completed only BCA will not be able to make a career in the field of teaching as this profession calls for a master's degree. 
  1. Tech Jobs in IT Companies
A large number of IT giants across the globe offer very lucrative job opportunities to BCA degree holders. These include Software Developers, Programmers, System Engineers, and IT Analysts. As a BCA degree holder, you get eligible to apply for all such job roles as per your interest and inclination. However, those who start a job just after completing their BCA will need to keep upgrading their skills from time to time to stay relevant in the job.  
  1. Government Jobs
As a BCA degree holder, you will be eligible to apply for a large number of jobs in the government sector right from civil services to lower-scale jobs across departments and ministries. Even after a huge change in the job scenario, the fascination for government jobs is still the same. More than 80% of young people still yearn for government jobs for various reasons. Some of them include the following:
  • Handsome remuneration and a calm working environment
  • Number of holidays and flexible working hours
  • Timely salary and job security 
  • Possibility of transfer in the cases of female candidates.
There are a large number of competitive examinations you can appear for a secure job and a bright future. 
  1. Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing career streams for those who have sound knowledge in the field of computers. Digital marketing is a new-age method of marketing different products and services in a large number of online mediums effectively and efficiently. These days, online mediums such as social media, websites, e-commerce sites, and various other platforms have become the core of digital mediums where marketing is done through digital methodologies. Digital marketing is a vast field that offers a large number of job opportunities. Some of them include the following:
  • SEO Intern
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Executive
  • Team Leader 
  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Manager 
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Director 
  • Delivery Head.
After BCA, you can start your job as an SEO Intern or SEO Executive. After a few years of experience and understanding of the field, you can be promoted to the post of Team Leader where you will be performing your duties as a leader and guide to your teammates. Still, there is no fixed parameter for digital marketing jobs. What you need is just knowledge and inclination. What’s more, there is no thumb rule to carry out your activities – what drives results is considered to be always good. A BCA degree holder is an ideal candidate for jobs in the field of digital marketing. 
  1. Freelancing 
Today we are living in a well-connected world where everything is possible online including different types of jobs. After the arrival of high-speed internet services, the world has become a global village wherein an individual sitting in a remote location in India can take up a job offered by a company located anywhere in the United States. Most businesses are opting for the remote working methodology not only to save on cost but also to give flexibility in working to their employees.  

Given below are some of the top work areas you can take up online:
  • Any job roles in the field of digital marketing 
  • Job roles related to data management
  • Software testing or development 
  • Web designing and development 
  • Technical content writing 
  • Teaching and many others.
Freelancing not only provides you with flexible working hours but also multiple earning opportunities. There is no dearth of people who are not interested in typical 9 to 5 jobs. And, with a BCA degree in hand, you can explore freelancing while following an innovative and creative lifestyle. 

Concluding Remarks 

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