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Top 7 Specializations in the Field of Computer Science

Top 7 Specializations in the Field of Computer Science

Jobs in the field of computer science are increasing with each passing year. Be it earning potential, job satisfaction, or stability, computer science graduates and postgraduates always enjoy a plethora of privileges and the most promising opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, the demand for skilled and experienced computer and information technology professionals is going to increase by 22 percent by the year 2030. In the light of the high demand across the subdomains of computer science, different new specializations are coming into existence. This blog sheds light on some of the most popular and promising ones among them:


  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all about a computing system’s ability that completes extremely complex tasks, solves intriguing problems, and also makes predictions. The applications of AI make use of so many new-age technologies that include natural language processing for the interpretation of written as well as spoken words, and machine learning that powers different applications for making certain predictions and recommendations. Almost all the B Tech CSE best private colleges in India offer this specialization. 


Skills required to lead the way in the field include:

  • Good command over mathematics
  • Ability to make a deep analysis
  • Understanding of algorithms, and
  • Predictive modeling


Common roles include the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence Architect
  • Artificial Intelligence Researcher
  • Machine Learning Engineering.

  • Computer-Human Interface

This specialization in the field of computer science takes into account so many ways concerning human interaction with computers. These mainly include virtual reality, websites, smartphones, and voice-enabled speakers. The effective and efficient development and deployment of computer-human interface call for the strategic application of standard libraries to make sure that the applications across systems are usable and compatible. 

Skills required to lead the way in the field include:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to visual detail
  • Ability to map how people use different software and systems.

Common roles include the following

  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Experience Researcher, and
  • Interaction Designer. 


  • Game Design

Game designing is a vast field and the specialization in it considers AI and machine learning which are the major determiners of how players proceed through the game. The realistic images that make today’s gaming experience more appealing, exciting, and thrilling are also a part of game designing. The game design also makes sure that the work of back-end developers and front-end designers remains in sync to deliver a cohesive overall gamer experience. 


Skills required to lead the way in this field include:

  • Attention to visual detail
  • Collaboration
  • Coding, and
  • Scripting

Common roles include the following:

  • Video Game Designer
  • Video Game Developer
  • Software Engineer. 



  • Networks

This specialization in the field of computer science deals with the way how different companies make use of wired and wireless networks for crucial information exchange with their stakeholders including both internal and external. The individuals working in the network area manage the user access, bandwidth, security concerns associated with the networks, and traffic. 

Skills required to lead the way in this field include:


  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues
  • Designing network architecture.

Common roles include the following:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Architect.

  • Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is one of the most important specializations in the field of computer science that deals with 2D and 3D images used heavily across software applications that include:

  • Multimedia publishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Games, and 
  • Computer-assisted designs.

Apart from focusing on just realistic images, computer graphics specialization also considers how different images can be displayed with maximum appeal and force within the limitations of bandwidth, screen size, and memory of the system. The most amazing thing associated with the computer graphics field is that one can take up various freelancing jobs apart from working for professional agencies. 

Skills required to lead the way in this field include:

  • Attention to visual and artistic detail
  • Collaboration, and
  • Creativity

Common roles include the following:


  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Game Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer.

  • Information Security

Information security professionals are the individuals responsible for managing any organization’s all aspects related to security. These include devices, software applications, storage hardware, and networks. The specialization in information security calls for a comprehensive understanding of all types of security vulnerabilities and threats, and a large number of other methods that hackers and digital spies use to infiltrate the systems and networks. Almost all the best B. Tech CSE colleges in Bangalore offer this specialization. 


Skills required to lead the way in this field include:

  • Communication
  • Threat/vulnerability management
  • Knowledge of security compliance rules and regulations


Common roles include the following:

  • Security Engineer
  • Network Security Analyst
  • System Security Analyst. 


  • Data Science

Over the past 10 years, data science has become one of the most in-demand specializations in the field of computer science. With each passing year, the demand for qualified data science professionals is growing up by leaps and bounds. Almost, all types of industries today are using data not only for business insights but also for serving marketing purposes. Data science is all about the ability to ‘mining’ huge data sets to gain the pieces of crucial information that can be used to serve different purposes in an ecosystem.

Companies around the globe make the most of data science as a practice in serving the following purposes:

  • Retrieving and analyzing big data
  • Processing huge, complex, and various times unstructured data sets which are commonly known as “big data.”
  • Targeting a certain group of people, countries, or businesses.  


Skills required to lead the way in this field include:

  • Mathematics
  • Analytics
  • Attention to detail, and
  • Predictive modeling. 


Common roles include the following:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Information Scientist, and 
  • Database Administrator, etc. 


Concluding Remarks 

The field of computer science offers a plethora of lucrative job opportunities to both graduates and postgraduates in its different subdomains. The most important thing is the quality of the college or the university from where you earn the degree in this field. REVA University is a forerunner in delivering technology-based education. It offers a computer science and technology course across specializations helping aspirants to actualize their dream of having a promising job and a bright future.