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Which BBA is best for jobs?

Which BBA is best for jobs?

BBA is one of the most popular and preferred graduation courses pursued by a large number of students in the top BBA University in Bangalore and other parts of the country. In today’s job market, getting a BBA degree is a great idea but it might not be enough. For fast-forwarding your career, you need to choose an appropriate master's level course after your BBA. This blog explores some of the best options that will lead you to a flourishing career after completing your BBA degree:

Specialize in Management (MBA)

MBA has always been one of the most popular and preferred courses after BBA from any of the top BBA Hons Colleges in Bangaloreor any other city across the country. An MBA can be considered to be the most perfect choice for all those who are willing to take their professional qualification to the next level. By earning a Master of Business Administration degree, you will be eligible for holding various leadership roles across sectors that include:

  • Sales
  • Business development 
  • Human resources
  • Finance, and
  • Banking, etc. 

While pursuing MBA after completing your BBA from any top BBA University in Bangalore or any other part of the country, you will get an opportunity to learn the following in a very comprehensive manner:

  • Improving leadership as well as all the required skills for better people management
  • Developing different types of business strategies and advertising campaigns to sell your products and services the world over
  • Creating networks and making connections or partnerships
  • Managing insurmountable situations across business operations including public scandals and financial crisis
  • Keeping the finances of the company robust and healthy under all types of situations and circumstances
  • Promoting and maintaining a positive image and branding of the company
  • Gathering, interpreting, and creating insightful reports as per the industry data available
  • Hiring the right kind of talents and focusing on employee retention
  • Creating hierarchies at different levels to help the organization thrive, and
  • Making tough decisions when required most, etc.

Become a Data Scientist

Becoming a data scientist after completing your BBA course from any top BBA University in Bangalore or any other part of the country might sound a little bit unconventional and offbeat but it is true. A large number of BBA students are under the impression that only technical graduates are eligible for the study of data science but it is just a misconception. After your BBA, you can also become a data scientist by pursuing a specialized course in this field. Some institutions are offering a post-graduate certification program that provides students with all the required knowledge and skills to be certified data scientists. 

Data scientists comprehensively analyze both unstructured and structured data and fetch insightful information from them. These insights not only help them make well-informed decisions and create better planning but also help their clients in obtaining the best results. During the postgraduate certification program, you will learn the following:

  • Making smart use of data to help clients in better planning and decision making
  • Detailed exposures to various relevant technologies including Python and MS Excel
  • Creating models and analyzing raw data
  • Finding answers to difficult questions by applying their analysis acumen
  • Creating visualizations to make their findings easily understandable

For enrolment in the PG certification programyou need to have a Bachelor’s degree. In case you have a BBA degree earned from any of the top BBA Hons Colleges in Bangalore or any other city across the country, you can enroll in this course without any second thoughts as no prior coding experience is required for the same.  

Join Public Services (UPSC)

After completing your BBA course from any top BBA University in Bangalore, you are eligible for preparing for the civil services examination conducted by the prestigious Union Public Service Commission every year. Through this examination, the Commission recruits individuals for various civil services. 

This examination, conducted by the UPSC is considered to be the toughest examination in the world and every year millions of candidates belonging to each and every part of the country try their luck. As and when a candidate gets associated with a BBA course in any way, he or she is left with some typical options. But the scenario, in reality, is just the opposite. You can go for civil services. After qualifying this examination, you will be responsible for the following job duties:

  • Management of different government organizations
  • Delivery of the government’s policies for the welfare of the public
  • Ascertaining the success of different government’s policies
  • Supporting the legislators in carrying out their duties well.

As for minimum eligibility, a bba in business analytics degree holder can apply and take this exam.  

Become a Product Manager

Over the past few years, the demand for well-trained and qualified product managers has increased by leaps and bounds. After earning a BBA degree from any of the top BBA Hons Colleges in Bangalore or any other city across the country, it could be the best option for you. Product managers are the individuals responsible for handling product planning and execution across the entire lifecycle. Product managers define the vision behind a product and ensure its success while working closely with marketing teams, sales personnel, and even engineers.   

Your in-depth knowledge of business management obtained during your BBA degree course at a top BBA University in Bangalore would help you achieve the required professional progress in this field. 

Why Reva University for BBA?

REVA is a bba in banking and finance colleges offering BBA Degree course. As for eligibility, the candidates should be 10+2 pass with an aggregate of 75% marks from any recognized Board / Council or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto. REVA University has envisioned the need to adopt future-ready, technology-based learning, and keeping in view the same, a foundation was laid to build the required technological infrastructure. The university has implemented various innovative teaching methods that include Direct Instruction, Flipped Classrooms, Kinesthetic Learning, Inquiry-based Learning, and Personalized Learning.