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Which skill is best for B.Com students?

Which skill is best for B.Com students?

Bangalore has been a huge hub of companies pulling graduates and postgraduates from different streams to get job opportunities. However, the increase in opportunities and competition has also been on a rise.

To get over the huge cut-throat market requirements, there are a few skills that the students of BCom courses should polish to get a better ground. This article will cover the 7 most important skills of all time that would be a boon to the students. Let’s explore it further!

The Essential Skills in the Industry

You can find the skills that you would need for your career development down below. Do remember that this is a small chunk of a bigger piece.

  • Communication Skills

Client management and presentations are an integral part of any company where a BCom student will step in. Therefore, active communication skills become crucial to keep the complete channel simple and easy.

  • Problem-Solving

No matter which company a person joins, one cannot ignore the fact that problems and complicated situations will come their way. Thus, problem-solving skills will help a student quickly figure out an effective solution by adding witty remarks in the bio.

  • Analytical Skills

Information construction and deconstruction will always be a part of a company. Therefore, the analysis of the information to effectively use it throughout the process becomes a good skill to have in the urban market setting.

  • Leadership

Leadership qualities are pivotal in the life of any person. It not only helps a person to grow in their particular job post but also opens doors of opportunities. It expands the horizon multiple folds for a person to explore new markets and job positions.

  • Business Awareness

An obvious but not-so-common skill that one needs to polish is business awareness. It is a hunch but the commerce university in bangalore do focus on business awareness through the course structure. If one practices business awareness, it also helps develop another important skill known as innovative thinking.

  • Innovative Thinking

While companies are always expanding and experimenting with new technologies, an innovative person can provide a very different take on the business as well. This ensures a better position in the market, allows a person to be more confident and gains better opportunities in the market.

  • Time management Skills

Last but not least is the one skill that is pretty important in the fast-paced environment of today. The time management skill will not only help a person while pursuing BCom courses but will also be a huge support during work life. It will streamline your work and will reduce more than 50% of your projected workload.

Among all of these skills, a student needs to be very focused on the academic learning process. These skills might help you to get into the job interview and help you inside the firm, but your work needs to be very proficient too.


So, there was a list of all the skills that are closely related to the requirements of a person to work effectively and become unrecognizable in the market. However, if a student does enrol in one of the top commerce colleges in Bangalore, they will definitely get an introduction to the skills. However, polishing it is all up to the person themselves.

To beat the competition of the market and to raise job posts, these skills become very crucial. No matter what department you work in, creating a mark among the colleges will help you stand out from the crowd. Other than that, you will have the technical skills to ace the market from the ground up as well.