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World Yoga Day Meditation and Yoga benefits for students

World Yoga Day Meditation and Yoga benefits for students

Yoga is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the people around you. India being the birthplace for this amazing wonder, we should be nothing short of proud to have introduced this amazing tool to the entire world. 

The benefits of yoga are many and it exercises the mind and body so efficiently that the art has grown to become one of the best de-stressing techniques and also something that will suit all age groups.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
In the tender age, where stress management does not take priority amidst their busy class schedules and structured learning time tables, students tend to be oblivious to the silent stress that surrounds them. Often, they struggle to identify the triggers or avoid it and vent it out in undesirable ways. 
A positive reinforcement such as the practice of yoga, helps alleviate stress and brings in much needed quiet and peace in a mind that is drowning in constant chatter and chaos.

Increases Attention Span
Gone are the good old days when students knew to be with themselves, find purpose in their boredom, figure out ways to keep themselves entertained and productive and better yet, even to just be. 
The constant activity that has been deemed necessary for the young brains of today has unfortunately taught them to not relax and always feed their brains with activity and information. This has led to reduced attention span. Repetitive tasks, monotony, routine and activities that take longer than a few minutes have begun to lose out. Staying focused has become a real issue, thus reducing productivity.
The deep breathing techniques of yoga has proven benefits of increasing focus and attention span and directly improves academic performance. The core symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) such as inattentiveness, lack of focus and hyperactivity can be effectively addressed with regular practice of yoga. 

Fitness and Weight management 
The sedentary lifestyle and tight schedules of the students of today has resulted in reduced time for physical activities and play. It is not uncommon to see students excel in studies, neglecting their health and eventually becoming overweight or even obese youth. Apart from a reduced self-esteem and confidence, this can lead to health problems too at a very young age.
The regular practice of yogic asanas and stretches counterbalances this unhealthy lifestyle and helps to manage weight and fitness.

Improves Posture and Flexibility 
Heavy reliance on digital learning, extended screen times and after school classes invariably has the side effect of students developing a poor posture owing to prolonged sitting hours and incorrect posture leading to major anatomical issues later in life. The practice of asanas leads to focus on adopting the right posture and efficient breathing to oxygenate the muscle groups thus aiding in getting used to adopt right postures at all times and improves overall health.

Improves Breathing
Following effective breathing techniques is crucial for optimum health. How we breathe makes a difference in our quality of life and directly affects muscle health and overall physical and mental health. The busy lifestyles and increasing stress levels has led to the unhealthy practice of shallow breathing that most of us have gotten used to unconsciously. ‘Take a deep breath’ has become a much-needed reminder that we have started to give ourselves, while deep breathing should be the only way to breathe.
Pranayama and other breathing techniques of yoga, focuses on deep breathing and focusing on each and every muscle in the body which in turn alleviates stressed muscles and mind.
Immunity and sleep – Regular yoga practice helps the body to fight off different viruses and bacteria and improves immunity. The relaxed mind following yoga helps in better sleep quality and to unwind from stress. Better immunity and sleep quality directly have an outcome of increased focus, attention span and memory.

Improves Self-control and Behavior

The controlled breathing and controlled body movements during asanas teach students better self-control and also to manage their emotions well. It reduces impulsivity and aids in calm decision making. 

Teaches Mindfulness

The positive effects of mindfulness cannot be ever underestimated. Being mindful of breathing and muscle movement and simply being in the present while performing these asanas teach students to pay attention to small details and become less anxious and more relaxed. This in turn helps in handling stressful situations with a calm mindset and a matured approach towards problem solving.

With increased demands in education and academic performance, high aspirations and constant buzz of the current lifestyle, yoga and its regular practice will surely bring about a positive change in the students of today, becoming their effective coping skill helping to manage stress and deal with their challenges while making sure they stay productive and maintain a calm mindset.