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M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Course Duration

4 Semesters
(2 years)

Eligibility Criteria

BA/ B.Sc. degree with at least 50% marks, with Psychology as a compulsory subject in UG


M.Sc. Clinical Psychology is a domain specialization program, which give transformation experience for students regarding the subject knowledge, field experience and research exposure. Minimum of six month of supervised clinical experience during the program prepared them to be skilled in their professional development. The Program focuses on research training, enabling students to present their research papers in conference and published their work.

Course Curriculum

01Theories of Personality

02Cognitive Psychology

03Test Construction

04Research Methodology

05Statistics in Psychology-1

06Developmental Psychology

07Experimental Psychology Practical

08Test Construction Practical

09Statistics in Psychology- 1 Practical

10Psychology Voluntary Service Practical


02Statistics in Psychology-2

03Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

04Rehabilitation Psychology

05Statistics in Psychology Practical

06Case Analysis Practical

07Individual differences Practical

08Child Psychopathology Practical

09Forensic Psychology

10Educational Psychology

11Health psychology, Psycho-oncology


01Adult Psychopathology

02Psychological Intervention

03Basic Counselling Skills

04Crisis and Trauma Intervention, Community Psychology

05Geriatric psychology, Indigenous Psychology

06Adult Psychopathology Practical

07Basic Counselling Skills- Practical

08Psychological Intervention Practical

09Open Elective


02Positive Psychology

03Internship- Six months durations

04Employability Skills

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO 1Disciplinary Knowledge:
Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of theoretical frameworks, research methodologies, and evidence-based practices in clinical psychology, including psychopathology, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.
PO 2Critical Thinking:
Students will cultivate excellent critical thinking abilities, enabling them to assess and analyse deviance behaviour, evidence based therapeutic interventions, research findings, and ethical issues.
PO 3Clinical Skills:
proficiency in conducting clinical assessments, formulating case conceptualizations, and implementing therapeutic interventions across diverse populations and settings, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.
PO 4Ethical Practice:
Follow professional standards and ethical norms consistently when applying therapeutic practice, displaying integrity, confidentiality, cultural competency, and respect for the client's rights and autonomy.
PO 5Cultural Competence:
Students will acknowledge the value of cultural diversity and display cultural competency in their interactions and interventions, taking into account the impact of culture on psychological processes and behaviours.
PO 6Research Related Skills:
Students will be able to critically analyse research literature, initiate and carry out empirical research studies, and use research outcome to improve clinical practice and intervention effectively.
PO 7Communication Skills:
Students will demonstrate proficiency in effectively communicating psychological concepts and research findings to a wide range of audiences, including clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, utilizing both verbal and written communication skills.
PO 8Self-directed and Life-long Learning:
Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of socio-technological changes

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO-1 Demonstrate the knowledge in Clinical Psychology in dealing with deviance behaviour.
  • PSO-2 Conduct clinical assessments, formulate case conceptualizations, and implement therapeutic interventions across diverse populations.
  • PSO-3 Utilize various methodologies and resources to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from academic settings to practical applications, fostering a seamless connection between academia and society to promote healthy interactions and beneficial outcomes.

Career Opportunities

After the completion of M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology program, students will have diverse opportunity to serve as Psychotherapist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Psychometricians, Scientist at Esteemed Organisations like DRDO, DIPR, ICMR, and ICSSR, Consultant Psychologist/Welfare Officer at NGO’s, Public, and Private Sectors, Assessment Centres , Community Mental Health Centres , Psychologist at Frontline Educational Institutions and Special Schools, Consultant for Persons With Special Needs, and Corporate Counsellors.