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22 Aug 2023

National students’ convention on solar energy

The National Student Convention on Solar Energy, a collaborative effort between REVA University, Bangalore, and the Solar Energy Society of India, marked a resounding success. Held on August 22, 2023, the convention provided a remarkable platform for aspiring students to showcase their inventive ideas and projects. With participation from students enrolled in full-time Bachelor's and master’s programs across India, the event highlighted various technical disciplines and offered a diverse array of thrust areas, including sustainable energy growth, AI and ML in rural development, disaster management and robotics, power and electrification of vehicles, and more. The convention encouraged collaborative innovation, allowing teams of one to three members to present their contributions.  

The convention was organized and led by esteemed faculty members from REVA University, with Dr. Ritesh Dash, an Associate Professor at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and a Governing Council Member of the Solar Energy Society of India, playing a pivotal role. Dr. Kalvakurthi Jyotheeswara Reddy, along with Prof. Seema Magadum and Prof. Divya B V, also actively contributed to the event's success. Their dedication and hard work ensured the convention's triumph. This event has not only served as a platform for innovation but has also contributed to the advancement of solar energy and related technology in India, setting a precedent for future endeavours in this field. 

National students’ convention on solar energy