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3C Create Compose and Compete a workshop as Skill Development Programme | REVA University
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19 Aug 2021

3C Create Compose and Compete a workshop as Skill Development Programme

3’C- Create, Compose and Compete a workshop as Skill Development Programme

SDC Workshop: 3’Cs- Create, Compose and Compete
Resource person: Kaarwan (outside Resource person)
Venue: MS Team
Semester: 3rd Semester
No. of Students: 34 students
Dates: 19th to 22nd August 2021

School of Architecture in Collaboration with UIIC offering 4 Days Skill Development course for upcoming 5th Semester students.

3’C- Create, Compose and Compete – This workshop included three different topics that are ‘Design Thinking and Ideation’, ‘Quick Presentation on the Photoshop workshop’ and ‘How to win an Architecture Competition’.
Design Thinking and Ideation’-Design Thinking is a process of creative and critical thinking, that allows information and ideas to be organised; decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained. Improve your ideation and concept development skills with us, and gain skills which will help you throughout your career.

1. Developing a balance between Desirability, Viability, & Feasibility
2. How to Generate Concepts and Ideas for your Designs & Products
3. Better Communicating Ideas with Lateral and Radiant Thinking
4. Progressing the Modes of Thinking for Seamless Idea Generation
5. Tricks & Tools to Practically Employ the Process of Design Thinking

• ‘Quick Presentation on the Photoshop workshop’ - The ability to express a design is as important as the design itself. Sometimes, more! The skills you will develop from this workshop will be one of the most helpful ones in the long run.
1. Creating a Stunning Presentation Portfolio in short time
2. Avoiding common mistakes while composing sheets
3. Rendering a quick Presentation Board for submissions
4. Translating ideas/concepts into interesting illustrations
5. Hacks & tricks to increase your speed & efficiency

• ‘How to win an Architecture Competition’- To be a winner you have to think like one, however winning doesn’t necessarily mean you need to come first. Even if you don't grab the prize money, there's a lot to gather from the whole experience, including a wonderful portfolio addition. And if you actually put efforts in the right manner, you might as well make it to the finalists receiving publicity & praise.

1. Step by step process to make it to the top 10% of a design competition
2. Understand a jurors psyche & thought process while evaluation
3. Avoid mistakes that act as red signals for the jurors or the organizers
4. Break up the competition brief to get an objective checklist
5. Best hacks, tips & tools to use while participating in a competition

The outside resource, KAARWAN platform, formulated a 4 days’ workshop for the students of architecture to get equipped with the software before the commencement of the semester.

Day 1 (19/08/2021): ‘Design Thinking and Ideation’
• Understanding balance between Desirability Viability and feasibility. Concept and design development, Seamless ideations of the design and communicating ideas through lateral and radiant thinking.
• Tips to enhance and streamline your process of Design thinking.

Day 2 (20/08/2021): ‘Quick Presentation on the Photoshop workshop’
• Elements and components of presentation- Fonts, Colour, Styles and Types.
• Making Conceptual diagrams on Photoshop, quick rendering techniques and sheet composition.

Day 3 (21/08/2021): ‘How to win an Architecture Competition’
• Framework to attempt the design problems, understanding the deliverables and scheduling to develop an objective checklist. Understanding the juror’s Pshyche and thought process, learning about the common mistakes to avaoid and hacks and tips to improve efficiency.  

Day 4 (22/08/2021): Tasks Submission and Discussion-
• Assignment 1 – Design a furniture showing the concept development.
• Assignment 2 – Composition of the previous design Sheets though software.

Remarks: Students participated with enthusiasm. The brainstorming and exercise will guide them in future designing and how they can take participate in the competition and win it.

3C Create Compose and Compete a workshop as Skill Development Programme