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07 Mar 2024

A Roadmap to Undergraduate Project

Program Objective: The workshop aimed to help the 6th semester students who have taken major projects to learn the guidelines do their research projects with more clarity and gain interest in research.

Program Details: On 7th March 2024 around 11.00 am the session started where in student co-ordinator welcome and introduced the speaker and then session was handed over to Sr. Sendhil, Speaker who started his talk with importance of research projects and step by step process starting from the title page till annexures. Each and every point was discussed clearly. Chapter wise explanation was given like In Chapter 01: Introduction how the students need to frame their theories relevant to their study and in Chapter 2 referring the articles from google scholar and emerald database and identifying the gap after thorough literature review and framing objectives based on the research gap and framing appropriate title of the study and questionnaire designing using google forms and secondary data from yahoo finance and money or company website and analysis of such data using MS Excel like frequency distribution and graph such as line graph, pie charts and bar charts.

Writing interpretation and finding based on the analysis and reference using the cite option in google scholar for APA Format. 

A Roadmap to Undergraduate Project