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18 Dec 2023

AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Sponsored 6 days FDP

AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Sponsored Six-day FDP On
Threats & Challenges in Cyber Security Using Data Analytics & Machine Intelligence
18th to 23rd December, 2023 Organized by School of Computer Science & Engineering

This faculty development program combines the cutting-edge fields of cyber security, data analytics and machine intelligence, offering participants a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating intersection of these disciplines. As advancements in data analytics and machine intelligence continue to revolutionize various industries, they also offer substantial potential to bolster cyber security efforts. However, this unprecedented growth in technology has opened new avenues for cyber threats and challenges, demanding an in-depth exploration to address the risks involved. This FDP aims to investigate the threats and challenges that arise in the domain of cyber security concerning the integration of data analytics and machine intelligence. By leveraging big data analytics and AI-powered solutions, organizations can proactively detect and respond to cyber threats, but this also introduces new vulnerabilities and complexities that adversaries may exploit.
The objectives of the FDP
1) Identify and understand the evolving cyber threats: Analyze the current threat landscape and identify emerging cyber threats and attack vectors that exploit data analytics and machine intelligence, including AI-driven attacks and evasion techniques.
2) Assess the vulnerabilities introduced by data analytics and machine intelligence: Investigate the potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in data analytics and machine learning models, algorithms, and implementations that could be exploited by malicious actors.
3) Examine the impact on privacy and data protection: Investigate the implications of utilizing data analytics and machine intelligence on data privacy and protection, considering the collection, storage, and processing of sensitive information.
4) Investigate bias and ethical considerations: Explore potential biases in AI algorithms and ethical dilemmas surrounding autonomous
Who can participate?
Researchers/ Faculty members of Universities/Colleges/ Institutes are eligible to apply. The number of participants will be limited to 50 only.
Registration Fees: Free
Mode of Delivery: Offline
Participants can sign up and register for the program in AICTE-ATAL website. Website Links:
A test shall be conducted by coordinator at the end of the program. The certificate shall be issued to those participants who have attended the program with 100% attendance and scored minimum 80% mark in the test.

Chief Patrons

Dr. P. Shyama Raju
Chancellor, REVA University

Shri. Umesh S. Raju
Pro Chancellor, REVA University


Dr. M. Dhanamjaya
Vice Chancellor, REVA University

Dr. A Shubha
Pro Vice Chancellor, REVA University

Dr. Rajashekar C. Biradar
Pro Vice Chancellor, REVA University

Dr. N. Ramesh
Registrar, REVA University


Dr. Ashwinkumar U Motagi
Director, School of Computer Science & Engineering, REVA University

Dr. Arun Biradar
Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

For Contact:
Dr. Arun Biradar Email:

Dr. Supreeth S Email:

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AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Sponsored  6 days FDP