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26 Feb 2024

Budget and its Relevance to the Society

Program Objective: To enhance more knowledge about budget as a whole and to understand it from the Indian perspective

Program Details:
On the 26th of February 2024, a guest talk was held to educate student more about budget and its relevance to society. As budget is one of the most important topic not only for students but as budgets play a crucial role in society, serving as a tool for planning and allocating financial resources to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments. This report explores the significance of budgets in the context of society and highlights their relevance in promoting economic stability, social welfare, and sustainable development.

Date of the Programme: 26th February, 2024
Timings of the Programme: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Place of the Programme: CK Prahalad Seminar Hall
Resource Person: Prof. Babu Rayipudi, Director, BRICS Academy for CA and CMA (India)
Program Co-ordinator:
Faculty Co-ordinator: Prof. Naresh Babu K
Student Co-ordinator:Mr.Manish & Ms. Havila Sagar
Number of Participants: B.Com (Faculty: 3 & Students: 120)

Budget and its Relevance to the Society