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03 May 2024

Connected Things for Intelligence, Communications, Computing and Control

Resource Person: Dr.  Yuguang "Michael" Fang Professor , Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Date: 03/5/2024
Time: 1.30PM -2.30PM

Link to join the webinar: 

About the talk: Whether we like it or not, our living space has been stealthily and steadily transformed into a world of connected things! Various devices (things such as sensors, actuators, smart phones, and tablets, etc.) have been deployed or populated in our living environments for various purposes and, together with our network infrastructure, formed a web of information hovering around us. These devices or things are connected and organized for system monitoring, information extraction, and processing, and decision-making to, for better or worse, manage and control our living environments, which are supposed to make our living environments smarter and safer. Unfortunately, all these connected things create tremendous data (big data), resulting in a significant traffic burden on existing telecommunications infrastructure (networks), and also gradually make each one of us lose our clothes as the emperor without clothes (privacy). In this talk, the speaker will overview some of the “connected” issues on connected things (Internet of Things) and then discuss the design challenges and their potential solutions.
Connected Things for Intelligence, Communications, Computing and Control