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30 Apr 2022

CTF Training Cyber Security Students

Club name: Cyber Security Club

Number of participants: 14

Cyber security should be a technical discipline followed by every individual in the current world and Colleges are the best places to teach about cyber security. There are more than 15 million requirements for cyber security experts in the current job market. The Cybersecurity club is created with a goal to provide students the necessary knowledge and skills pertained to the domain. This session was the continuation of the previous training sessions conducted. CTF or Capture The Flag is a practice of finding hidden files from a computer which is made intentionally vulnerable to cyberattacks. This way of learning makes the students understand the concepts better and make the learning process enjoyable. Samadeshi, Mr.Arnold Prakash were the resource persons for the event.

Mr. Arnold Prakash addressed about:

CTF Training Cyber Security Students