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14 Aug 2023

Education on Wheels (EOW)

Date 14/08/2023
Duration 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Venue Government Higher Primary School, Marenahalli
Coordinator Mr. Harish Sagar M, Srinidhi S U
REVA Trainers Dr. B Varaprasad Rao 
Mr. Venkatesh B (R20ED108)
Mr. Bhavik Jain (R20ED064)
Govt. Higher Primary School Marenahalli 3 teachers and 65 students of Govt. Higher Primary School,  Marenahalli
About Event
• Education on Wheels (EOW) event was organized on 14/08/2022 at Government Higher Primary School, Marenahalli
• School kids were given the assignment to draw the national flag on the occasion of independence day usin g MS-PAINT
Outcome of the Event
• School kids participated in the flag making competition and prizes were distributed.

Education on Wheels (EOW)