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08 Sep 2023

Education on Wheels - Government Higher Primary School, Kithiganur 8th September

About Event -On September 8th 2023, the University Industry Interaction Center, in collaboration with Shishu Mandir at REVA University, organized an “Education on Wheels” event at the Government Higher Primary School in Kithiganur. This event aimed to promote education and community engagement in creative and interactive manner. Ms. Monisha A, from Shishu Mandir have been part of this program by giving training and spreading knowledge about the computers digital literacy Level to Government Higher Primary School, Kithiganur students learned about Who is the Father of the Computer, What is Computer, Basics, Parts of the Computer, What does Computer do, Painting Practical and How to use MS Word for teachers.

Organized By -University Industry Interaction Centre

UIIC Coordinator -Ms. Vanitha R

Date -08th September 2023

Targeted Audience - 7th Class of Government Higher Primary School Kithiganur

No. of Students Participated -33 students

No. of Faculty Participated-4 Faculty’s

Outcome of the Event -The collaboration between the University Industry Interaction Center at REVA University and Shishu Mandir for the “Education on Wheels” event at Government Higher Primary School, Kithiganur, was a resounding success. It exemplified the commitment of Educational institutions to empower students and teachers in rural areas, bridging the gap between academia and practical skills. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the positive impact that university industry partnerships can have on local communities.

Education on Wheels - Government Higher Primary School, Kithiganur 8th September