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FDP on Making Management Teaching Effective Issues and Challenges | REVA University
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28 May 2021

FDP on Making Management Teaching Effective Issues and Challenges

FDP on “Making Management Teaching Effective Issues and Challenges"

Date and Mode: 28th May, 2021 at 2:00 P. M. to 5:00 P. M. Online Mode – MS TEAMS

About the FDP:
Teaching management is increasingly becoming important as the need for management teachers as well as demand for effective managers grow. However, how management needs to be taught has not been given the kind of attention that should have been. Apart from the basic teaching skills there are
certain specifics that need to be addressed because teaching management is different in several aspects.

A management teacher has to understand that teaching about management and teaching the art of managing are different. Most management teachers end up teaching about management rather than about managing. This difference must be borne in mind before management can be taught effectively. This FDP enhances the teachers to Make Management Teaching Effective and to know its Issues.

The Objective of FDP :
1. Exposure to various learning theories and management teaching pedagogy problem.
2. Recognise the learner's, topic's, and pedagogy's compatibility.
3. Understanding the use of experiential pedagogies such as case studies, sports, projects, flip classrooms, simulations and so on in management education.
4. Estimating the issues of plagiarism in teaching content creation and usages of IPR etc.

Resource Person:
Dr.Pramod Pathak, a Behavioural Scientist of long standing has been a Professor of Management at IIT(ISM), Dhanbad. A Ph.D in Stress Management ,he is M.Sc in Psychology and an MBA in HR from BHU.A Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Columnist of global repute he has carried out consulting assignments for the World Bank, Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Labour, Department of e-governance, Government of Jharkhand, Orissa State Pollution Control Board among others. He has conducted workshops and EDPs for Sr. Executives, Middle Level Managers and Supervisors for leading PSUs and Private Sector organisations like CIL and its Subsidiaries, Indian Oil, Power Grid, NTPC, NHPC, IICM. TATA Steel, ACC, Nehru Yuva Kendra, etc. His expertise lies in Behavioural Dimensions of Safety Management, Stress Management, Leadership Development, Values and Ethics, Soft Skills training, Personality Restructuring of Frontline Workforce and HRD. He has guided 30 Ph.Ds on subjects like Techno-Managerial aspects of safety, Human Factors in productivity, Effective HRM practices and Executive Stress to name a few. He has researched and written extensively on Psychological aspects of Management and productivity, Values and Ethics, Stress and Spirituality.

FDP on Making Management Teaching Effective Issues and Challenges