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06 Jan 2024

Founder’s Day Celebration

Outreach Activity – Founder’s Day Celebration

About the Event:

Each year, REVA University celebrates the Chancellor's birthday as Founder’s Day, a celebration filled with joy and purpose. On this occasion, the School of Computer Science and Applications (CSA) took the initiative to engage with the primary government school in Arebhinamangala. On 6th January 2023, faculty members of CSA visited the school and celebrated Founder’s Day with the children. The faculty shared the significance of the day with the students, who joyfully wished the Chancellor a happy birthday. The celebration included cutting a birthday cake, sharing snacks, and creating cherished memories with the students.

Organized By and Co-ordinated by: Divyashree D & Sheela D V

Date: 6th January 2024

Time: 9:30 AM

Total Participants: 25 faculty members

Outcome of the Event:

Founder’s Day Celebration