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26 Mar 2024

Four-day Master Class on Design & Development of Electric Car

The School of Mechanical Engineering in association with Capabl.
Organises a Four-day Master Class on Design & Development of Electric Car
Date: 26th to 29th March, 2024
Venue: REVA University Campus, Bengaluru

Program Overview:
*Live Classes on EV Design from Mahindra Electric, Ather Energy etc. Experts
*Fabricate a fully functional EV Formula 5 Race Vehicle in REVA Campus
*Compete on pitching ideas on EV Design Challenges with Panel of Experts

Topics Covered

Online Workshop

1. Design & Dynamics of Steering, Braking and Suspension systems.
2. Sub-system level design of Transmission System.
3. Battery Design & Battery Management Systems.
4. Applications of Power Electronics

3-Day Offline Workshop

1. Fabrication of roll cage frame & Chassis.
2. EV Battery, Motor & Controller Assembly.
3. Installation of Brakes Suspension & Steering Systems.
4. Test Run by each participant of fabricated EV Formula Race Vehicle

Key Outcomes

• Students will gain knowledge about electric motors, battery technology, power electronics, and control systems.
• Students will be able to learn about vehicle dynamics, suspension systems, aerodynamics, and lightweight materials.
• Practical Experience in fabrication techniques, machining, and assembly.
• Learners will acquire the skills to establish project objectives, divide work into feasible assignments, and create a timeline and financial plan.
• Gain knowledge about how to settle disputes, communicate effectively, and collaborate well with others.
• Understand the significance of sustainability and how transportation will develop in the future.

Four-day Master Class on Design & Development of Electric Car