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12 Apr 2024

Haptics and Human-Computer Interaction

Haptics and the use of touch can provide rich new ways for people to interact and experience devices.  I have been working in the area of haptics for a long time and am often frustrated by the limitations of the technology when trying to design interesting user interactions. One reason for this is that there is a mismatch between what current devices can do and human capabilities. In this talk, Dr. Brewster will discuss some new forms of haptics, look at different types of devices that are a much better match to us as humans, and show how we might design better user interfaces using them. Dr. Brewster will also show new interaction possibilities using force and pressure input, thermal feedback, and electrotactile and ultrasound haptics to broaden our understanding of what haptic feedback can do.

Resource Person: Dr.  Stephen Brewster Professor, School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Date: 12/4/2024
Time: 2.00PM
Link to attend the webinar:
Haptics and Human-Computer Interaction