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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Patents and Design Filing | Reva University
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21 Apr 2022

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Patents and Design Filing

About the webinar:

Topic: “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Patents and Design Filing”
Resource person: Dr. Pankaj Prabhakar Borkar
Professional details: Dy. Controller of Patents & Designs, GL-Mech. IPO Mumbai and TL, RGNIIPM, Nagpur O/o CGPDTM, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry - Govt. of India.
Date: 21st April 2022, Monday,
Time: 2.30 PM – 4.15 PM,
Mode: Online Ms-Teams, Click here
Target Audience: Engineering Students & Faculties
Total No of Participants Registered: 580
Total No of Participants Joined: 252
No of the Participants gave feedback: 163

Webinar Objectives:

  • To create awareness about IPRs, especially patents, designs and copy rights among faculties, students, researchers/inventors in respect of patenting their inventions.
  • To provide insight into practical applications of IP such as patent drafting, patentability search and freedom to operate search, validity/invalidity search, and evidence of use analysis

Webinar Outcomes: Participants will be able …

  • To describe the importance of IPR Intellectual Property.
  • To explain the different types of IPR and their Importance.
  • To summarize patent for technical invention, process of patent protection, parts of a patent application, aspects relating to relating conducting patent search, preparing patent applications.